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  1. Timing is everything - down to the wire

    This sounds like a great event! Expect my wife and myself at this event.

    Wizardton - Large
    MsWiz - Medium

    I'm known as Mithrodthir on Arkenstone. We are looking forward to this!
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    I'm not crazy about either forced groups or...

    I'm not crazy about either forced groups or forced solo, but it was obvious that some folks were exploiting the situation with running raids in there. It's obvious that those quests were designed...
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    /signed - I wish this would get more attention...

    /signed - I wish this would get more attention from the Dev's. They already have the mechanics needed with the way the crafting instances are set up. You have a specific time limit to complete all...
  4. OP is correct, something is wrong with randomness

    I agree 100% with the op, something is very wrong with the hytbold dailies random generator. On Arkenstone, the problem is the Wild Horses quest in Cliving. I've been logging in everyday since the...
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