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    Fran Walsh... (Spoiloer)

    I agree, Fran Walsh is an idiot, and PJ is an idiot for thinking her ideas are anything but idiotic. Yeah, they did a number on LoTR, but I could pretty much excuse them because it's really not...
  2. Problem moving about in the game. (Vilya, Meneldor, Nimrodel)

    I just gave up playing tonight. I started to rubberband along an area that another player was encountering the same problem. We moved to along what seemed to be an invisible wall. I 'booked' out...
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    Re: Has Turbine given up?

    So it seems that a lot of players have said that RoI is too easy. I agree there. Lack of good story writing especially allowing a fully armor captive to just walk around makes the expansion...
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    Re: Has Turbine given up?

    Wow, lots of folk still wearing their rose color'ed glasses.

    At each release of a major expansion, Turbine had managed to innovate something new. Now I'm getting old so my memory is not what it...
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    Has Turbine given up?

    Before the release of Rise of Isengard, I took a few week break from the game. Now I return hoping that there wouldn't be a flood of too many returning players since I thought this was going to be...
  6. Re: Need a laptop for LOTRO gaming and web surfing

    One other thing you want to consider is battery life. One of the best gaming laptops with a 4 to 5 hour battery playtime is the Alienware M11x laptop. You can play with the options maxed and get...
  7. Has Regional chat become the default trash talk channel on your server?

    I can not believe how bad that channel has gotten on a server. I have to turn it off and when I've had it on, I had to report 2 players based on the type of talk that I won't want my kids talking to...
  8. First time yesterday tanking for raid and now questions.

    I'm a level 65 Warden that experienced being the main tank for some runs yesterday. After doing 2 to 6 man runs thru various quests, I felt I was decent as a tank. Then doing the 12 man raids and...
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    Quickest way to Vol 1 Book 15.

    I'm having a difficult time trying to find the shortest route to Book 15. I have a friend that needs help since he can not solo a part of it. Where can I pick up on the story line without working...
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