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  1. Server is NOT Full

    This has been posted before, but the problem is most definitely NOT that the server is full. There is an issue with the Withywindle Authentication server ever since update 11 - it is misbehaving and...
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    Isolated to Withywindle?

    Just confirmed that I can login to other servers without any issues; so the problem appears isolated to Withywindle. That's not to say one or more of the other servers might not be having similar...
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    "Server Full" is a Misleading Error

    The authentication server isn't actually full; this is a misleading error message, and the server is actually misbehaving.

    Note the post in this same forum at the following URL which describes it...
  4. You can also IM Laerorneth in-game who would be...

    You can also IM Laerorneth in-game who would be more than happy to mock ... er ... accept your request to join the Kinship. I might mock you at the same time, though. Nah, I wouldn't do that ... or...
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