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  1. Returning Guardian player starting over...


    I am a returning player. I stopped not long after Moria dropped, and I came back briefly after the new Elf zone after Moria dropped. Real life intervened once again and I had to...
  2. *BLUSH* Well that was stupid of me wasn't it. I...

    *BLUSH* Well that was stupid of me wasn't it. I really "did" look there, but I must have skipped over that. God I'm embarrassed.
  3. Been away since release of Moria Quick ? about Minstrels

    Can they no longer equip shields? I have older characters I'm keeping around for crafting and made a level 10 light shield but I get a "You are not proficient" message.
  4. Re: Which crafting abilities are important to Minstrels?

    Since your first character is a lvl 19, the one you choose to level past 20 and beyond will be for your first toon. Since you are actually just starting out, I would highly suggest that you make...
  5. Re: Best Virtue Traits for Tactical Damage class???

    I am leveling a minnie at the moment and she is in her mid 40's. I am one of the few that are not fans of the morale virtues. However, I occasionally use Loyalty and level it along with the ones I...
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