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  1. To the end-game Champions - Does weapon type matter?

    Hello Champions,

    I started playing the Champion non-stop about 2-3 days ago. He is currently level 30, I've been nonstop questing and virtue grinding in between. Before creating him, I knew I...
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    Re: Why do some people hate hobbits?

    LOTRO was and always will be my first, and last MMORPG, I play no other game. When I first started playing, I always wanted to be a Man or Dwarf kick-### heavy-wearing Warrior-based class. I would...
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    Warden Race-Choice dealbreaker

    Hello Wardens, I need your help.

    Post awesome pictures of your Warden, (and add a caption if you would like). I want to see Man and Hobbit Wardens, and would especially like to see them in the...
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    Re: What's best between the two?

    thanks for the quick response guys, I appreciate the input, Armourer it is!
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    What's best between the two?

    Hi guys, I am a Captain leveling fast in the mid-20s. I was wondering what is the best vocation for my wants.

    All I really will be focusing on when I craft is making Arnaments, Banners, and...
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    Join The Companions!

    Hello everyone, now, most of you clicking on this thread may immediately be thinking, "This idiot is on the wrong forum for the wrong game." All of you are correct, and deserve a cookie for your...
  7. Re: Character Race/Gender changes as a Premium Service


    I have a level 55 Hobbit Burglar, I thought it was cool being like Bilbo since now, I rather be a Man, more like Altair.... it just doesn't look realistic seeing a Hobbit kill things, not...
  8. Re: Champion v.s. Guardian Which do you think is better suited for me?

    Your reply reminded me of something... I've tried both Guardian and Champion long ago, before sticking to my Burglar... but I remembered using the 2h weapons for both, but remembered that I could...
  9. Champion v.s. Guardian Which do you think is better suited for me?

    Okay, I changed servers and want to start fresh.

    I absolutely want a Dwarf character wearing heavy armour, so Captain is out.

    I want my gear to look cool looking in endgame, my new kin is...
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    Re: Burglar vs Champion: Tough Decision

    Hop off the forums and go play LOTRO if your going to have that attitude... Many people need to hear from other people before they can decide what to use, and many people go with the class thats the...
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    Re: Post Pics of your Hobbit Characters!

    Syntho Sneakfoot

    Runnin' from wolves.
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    Re: We should have a Hobbit Champ

    I can see how you can't buy it, but what the man says is true. Yes, Sam wasn't legitimately a Guardian as you probably picture (Strong, heavy armour, shield, etc.) But he was Frodo's "Guardian"...
  13. Re: what is your game name and what does it mean/why did you choose it?

    A long time ago, There was this Norse Viking that was a well-known fighter. He was involved in many battles and killed many people. There was this one incident in particular where this Viking and his...
  14. Manifest Desinty is recruiting taking anyone who wants to join.

    Hey, I'm Syntho Sneakfoot; One of the Officers of the Manifest Destiny Kinship.

    Manifest Destiny is a Rank 10 Kinship with a house open to all, we have vent, and we have our own website for...
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    Hunter : Dwarf or Hobbit.

    Hey guys.

    I know I'm not level 75 yet on my Burglar but as I level almost every day I know I'll be there soon, and I've been thinking about what class I want to try after my Burglar.

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    Re: We should have a Hobbit Champ

    Obviously you know this if you still play this game but all of those racial skills don't really matter any more, every class and bonus is equalled out and there is no sufficient advantage to playing...
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