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  1. "The Sixteenth Hall" Instance Guide Video

    I recently made a guide for the instance "The Sixteenth Hall." I thought I would share it here for anyone who was interested. The video will be provided below.

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    Moria Waterworks Landscape Video

    Me and my partner just recently reached 100 subscribers on our LOTRO-Based youtube channel. In honor of this, my partner made a landscape video featuring the "Moria Waterworks."
    The video is below....
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    Spring Festival Video

    My partner just recently uploaded a video, covering the spring festival, to our youtube channel. I will leave the link below.


    Thanks and Enjoy!

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    Hobnanigans 2014 Video

    I was one of the lucky people to play a game of Hobnanigans while it was out for only 3 days. I also decided to record it not only for me and my friend's youtube channel, but for anyone who missed...
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    Evendim Video Landscape

    I just recently made a video celebrating our 90th subscriber and over 23,000 views! The video landscape was requested by one of our Subscribers, who had requested either Evendim or Angmar, so I did...
  6. "Webs of the Scuttledells" Instance Video Guide

    I recently made a video showing the dynamics of a "Webs of the Scuttledells" Instance. It was ran duo tier 1 and at level 70. The link will be provided below.
  7. The Necromancer's Gate Skirmish Guide Video

    I recently made a video showing the dynamics of a "Breaching the Necromancer's Gate" Skirmish. The link to the video is below.


    If you thought this was...
  8. "Assault on the Ringwraith's Lair" Skirmish Guide Video

    I recently made a video on a walkthrough of the "Assault on the Ringwraith's Lair" Skirmish. Me and my younger brother are running it at lvl 88 in the video with just 2 people, Tier 1. The link to...
  9. Video Guide of "Inn of the Forsaken: Riddles in the Dark" Instance

    I recently made a video to a channel that is based on LOTRO that was an instance guide to the "Inn of the Forsaken: Riddles in the Dark."
    Note that this is only showing the dynamics of the instance....
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    Thinglad Landscape Video

    My partner recently made a youtube video honoring 80 subscribers and 20K overall views. It is a video featuring the landscape of 'Thinglad.' I hope you enjoy this video, and we would both like to...
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    LOTRO Chicken Quests!

    I recently made a video on a little semi-easter egg in LOTRO, that few people know about. Want a break from hard quest grinding? Well, then watch this video for laughs and fun!

    If you liked the...
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    Fangorn's Edge Video Instance Guide

    Hey, I recently uploaded a instance guide for Fangorn's Edge on me and my partner's youtube channel. I'll leave the link below.


    Thanks and enjoy!
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    [URGENT] Problem with FRAPS

    Hey, I'm having trouble with FRAPS when it comes to recording LOTRO. If anyone could help me it would be awesome.
    I'm going to leave a link at the bottom showing what's wrong, but I want to give...
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    Problem with Patching

    Does anyone know why for me it would still be stuck at 'Overall Check Product 44%'? It just seems to be frozen there. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. "Dargnakh Unleashed" Instance Video Guide

    I just recently made and uploaded a video guide to me and my partner's channel, that is based on LOTRO! It is of the "Dargnakh Unleashed" at tier 1, just duo.

    Here is the Link:...
  16. The Shire Landscape Video (70th Subscriber Special)

    Me and my partner on a LOTRO based youtube channel, have just reached 70 subscribers and overall, 17K views. I made a Shire Landscape Video, to honor the occasion. I thought you all might want to see...
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    Iorbar's Peak Instance Video Guide

    I recently made a video showing the dynamics of the "Iorbar's Peak" Instance. If you need help, or info on this instance, click on the link below, to get to the video.
    If it was educational, please,...
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    Sambrog Video Guide

    I recently made a Video for a channel I co-own, on the dynamics of the 'Sambrog' Instance. I run it at lvl 85, with 6 people, at tier I as the main healer.

    If anyone could, please give it a like,...
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    Premium Pack Discussion Video

    My friend recently uploaded a video to our channel, discussing the Premium pack.

    Give it a like, helpful comment, or even a sub, to help counter-act those trolls.

  20. Rune-Keeper Elements

    Will there be any re-scaling, or re-doing of the Rune-Keeper's Ice side of things? It seems like it's worse compared to fire and lightning.
  21. Strike Against Dannenglor Skirmish Video Walkthrough

    I just recently made a video that shows you the dynamics of the "Strike Against Dannenglor" skirmish. Take a look if you need some info on this skirmish. I ran it at lvl 85 Tier 1.

    If you guys...
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    Scuttledells Landscape Video

    Me and my Friends just reached 60 subscribers and almost 13K views. In honor of this, my friend made a landscape video of 'The Scuttledells', an area in Mirkwood. We would like to thank everyone that...
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    Siege of Gondamon Skirmish Video Guide

    I just recently uploaded a video with my friend on a skirmish walkthrough. The "Siege of Gondamon" Skirmish is perfect for lvl 20s to learn about skirmishes. Me and my friend recorded a video to...
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    LOTRO Lore-Master Class Walkthrough

    I have just recently started a class walkthrough for those who are thinking about making a Lore-Master. The first video in the series is posted below. If you could, give them a like, helpful comment,...
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    I'm not exactly sure, but I don't know if my...

    I'm not exactly sure, but I don't know if my computer could run that high of graphics, even in my rohan one, there were some major FPS spikes alone, as it is.
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