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    I met Frelorn!

    I met Frelorn at PAX East 2015, and I would just like to say that he is an amazing person and that he is wonderful, and to thank him for the epic LOTRO T-Shirt! :D He's so great to chat up with!
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    Yes, please. A few Lord of the Rings Online...

    Yes, please. A few Lord of the Rings Online gatherings PAX East would be lovely!
  3. Option to bring back the original Character Select Screen music

    Don't get me wrong, I love the Riders of Rohan version. But sometimes, I just want to hear the original again. Now that we are ages off from the release of Riders of Rohan, can we alternate the...
  4. Yes. For example, I gave a suggestion about...

    Yes. For example, I gave a suggestion about Wardrobes for cosmetic items, and they implemented it. Now, whether it was directly my suggestion, or the plenty other people who suggested it that...
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    Re: Swifty and Hammo

    I come back from my hiatus of 2 years and find this thread unbumped and not on the front page.. Anyone care to tell me what happened to Swifty and Hammo?? It was such a prominent Kinship on...
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