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  1. I don't think anyone goes into an instance fully...

    I don't think anyone goes into an instance fully prepared, ever. Often starting an instance or skirmish in a hurry, without changing virtues, trait lines, with insufficient buffs to hand and lack of...
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    Donald Trump's Elvish Industrial Port

    Who said boats wouldn't be a good idea for Celondim? Donald Trump's likely planning application for the area... o.O


    */emote Elvish screams...
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    Alternative Games for Hobnanigans

    I'd like to see the 'empty' fields used for different chicken-golf related games.
    Have fun with chickens perhaps on a 'crazy golf' type course.
    All sorts of possibilities then open up and here are...
  4. Absolutely! Mounted combat is a great deal of...

    Absolutely! Mounted combat is a great deal of fun and a wonderful addition to the game. The programmers did some brilliant work making the animals come to life. The animations are great but there...
  5. Thank you so much for suggesting these things!...

    Thank you so much for suggesting these things! That's wonderul :)

    What does $enVars do exactly? Before I enter the code (and my screen resolution) is it possible to return my PC linux set up...
  6. Lotro and Linux Crashes

    A few things I have noted that currently are problematic playing Lotro on Linux via the WINE software compatibility layer are:

    Full screen pictures can not be screen grabbed without the game...
  7. Lotro Audio and Linux Sound Set Up

    Thank you so much for the knowledgeable tips! A quick update I am still using Linux 12.04 LTS and it all seems to be working okay via the linux downloadable Wine software. I checked my Linux...
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    What a fantastic run! ^_^

    Just watched the video recording of Anduin's twitch tv stream. Woot! Just amazing. Left me with a big grin.
    These runs are really a lot of fun and a great way to pass some time. Wow well done...
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    Sauron Exploits Race Times in Take The Hobbits to Isengard

    My reaction to the race was great! It was fantastic fun and did feel sorry for Sapience at the end trying to organise a photo followed by a troll, it was uncomfortable to watch. That was so sad for...
  10. Congrats!

    Well done guys! Thanks for organising the run so well and getting us all motivated. It was worth all the trouble :)
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    Fantastic Vilya!! We could ony get better and we did!! What a run!!

    Vilya planned the run backwards and forwards. I for one have seen no other server runs except one live broadcast. The route was Bree to Isengard, it's on the map :) We prepared a good team and ran...
  12. Yay! I DID IT!! I DID IT!! Woot! I can play LOTRO on LINUX!

    Yay! I DID IT!! I DID IT!! Woot! I can play LOTRO on LINUX!

    Thank you all so much for the advice. I can't believe but I finally DID IT! It's great you all responded and kindly took the time...
  13. Thank you for the time spent writing a reply to my post!

    Thanks so much all of you for taking the time to read my post. Thanks too Southernbelle0927 for the post bump thingy that was very thoughtful!! :)

    I shall follow that link - Running Lord of the...
  14. Installing LOTRO on my new LINUX PC. Arggghh!

    I dread, really dread asking this question as the past five and a half hours of reading endless squabbles on the internet about how LOTRO can be run on Linux? - has proved frustrating and fruitless....
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    Less skill fiddling more dramatic content

    The Developer Diary mentions:

    'We also had really just been making lots and lots of skills. Quick bars for each class were chock full of different skills, brimming up to 4-plus quick bars in some...
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    Four times I attempted to tackle the particular...

    Four times I attempted to tackle the particular broken skill that I was unaware had been crippled in the recent update 11. After two revives I gave up having spent 30 mithril coins believing it was...
  17. As metres and imperial units really aren't of any...

    As metres and imperial units really aren't of any significant use in Tolkein's game world. I suggest a 'milestone' system would be useful. These would be an authentic way of creating a visual...
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    Afectionately known as 'NoSenseOfDirection'. ...

    Afectionately known as 'NoSenseOfDirection'. That and 'IWantedToBeLassie'. He's a very mixed up stallion.
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