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    I bought a set for my main. With that said, I'm...

    I bought a set for my main. With that said, I'm something of an edge case:

    I just returned after a two year absence. I came back during the Bilbo/Frodo Birthday Festival and ran the quests on most...
  2. Thread: Crafting speed

    by MCorey

    Improved crafting tools only improve the speed of...

    Improved crafting tools only improve the speed of three things:

    1) Harvesting crops
    2) Gathering ore
    3) Gathering wood

    For everything else (including planting crops, processing crops,...
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    The quick, easy way to check which quest packs...

    The quick, easy way to check which quest packs you don't have is to go into the store and check the Account - Quests & Content - Quest Packs section. Anything that appears there is something you...
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    It's even a good deal if you only want some of...

    It's even a good deal if you only want some of the horses on some of your characters. You're basically paying for ~8 horses total and getting the rest free (where "the rest" is a full set of 9 horses...
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    The fact that stable mounts are "real" for game...

    The fact that stable mounts are "real" for game mechanics purposes explains a lot about the Moria goats that occasionally run off of cliffs, get hung up on landscape, etc. I wonder whether making...
  6. Re: Silver = 75 copper, is the amount of silver in lotteries correct.

    Now that the forums are back, I can confirm that I'm also seeing 1% of the cash winnings that I used to - 7s for a 65, etc.

    I would suspect someone entered 700 as the winning amount rather than...
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    Re: Failed Green Onion Field. Is this a bug?

    Agreed. Tools only improve harvest time, and don't make a significant enough change to really factor in. Harvesting is already the fastest part of the process anyway. With that said, I prefer crit...
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    Re: It's a bird, it's a tree, it's...Pikachu?

    I don't have anything to add beyond what was already covered. Oh, and +rep for great storytelling! :D
  9. Re: NPC Names copied from Finnish - totally breaks immersion

    Next up, claims that Tolkien totally based them on his little known adoration of a certain hip-gyrating king of rock and roll. The fact that Elvis didn't hit it big until a few years later is totally...
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    Re: Instance: We cannot get out... changed?

    Heh. On my most recent run, I blew 3-4 orcs off the bridge at the beginning, then was stuck waiting for a couple of minutes because I'd confused the NPC (he'd apparently targeted one of the flying...
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    Re: Isengard Beta Access

    Probably better to ask when they'll start taking applications. ;)
  12. Re: LOTRO kinships. They are either established and don't want/need you or they are

    It was touched on before, but it bears repeating: You might also consider that just because a kin isn't actively recruiting doesn't mean that they won't recruit someone they've run a few instances...
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    Re: Guild advancement too slow

    Short answer: Yes.

    Longer answer: If you don't love crafting just for crafting's sake, forget about crafting guild armour, period, full stop. There are superior quest rewards available pretty much...
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    Re: Crafting Crit Noise

    I don't mind it on my other crafting alts, but it's truly obnoxious on my yeoman.

    Planting: One Ching! every 20 seconds, multiplied by the number of farmers around you.
    Processing: One Ching! per...
  15. Re: Why do the dwarves get so worked up about Zigilburk?

    Only it's not legendary at all. They first learn of Zigilburk when the expedition is settling into Moria. It isn't something that was passed from story to story for thousands of years - Brogur...
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    Re: Just how good is a Warden?

    Just how good is a Warden? A Warden is what Charlie Sheen only wishes he could be.
  17. Thread: Legendary's

    by MCorey

    Re: Legendary's

    QFE. Recipe pricing is as follows:

    L60 3rd Age: 100s
    L65 3rd Age: 200s
    L60 2nd Age: 200s
    L65 2nd Age: 400s
    L65 1st Age: 600s

    The recipe vendor will be in your crafting guildhall, named...
  18. Re: A thought and question about LIs and shard grinding

    No, there's no difference as far as relics. The only difference is legacy scrolls - legacy scrolls from a level 59 or lower item can only apply to another item of max level 60.

    Those tablets are...
  19. Re: Accelerator Tome Doesn't Work For Bree-Land Brood-Hunter Slayer Deed

    Definitely a bug. I finished Brood-Hunter (Advanced) with an accelerator shortly after f2p launch. It definitely worked at the time. I brought a couple of kinnies along who also used accelerators and...
  20. Thread: Storage Coupon

    by MCorey

    Re: Storage Coupon

    Each tier of shared storage is a separate item. Already having Tier N is the prerequisite for having access to buy Tier N+1. It basically works the same way as the stat tomes - if you start with none...
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    Re: Frustrated with Moria

    I leveled my main in Moria prior to the release of Lothlórien; I feel like I spent entirely too much time in it already. Now I'm running alts through it every few weeks. I go in at 53, I leave at 55....
  22. Re: Stuff that is broken, and has been broken for a few months.

    Paste multiple cropped images together to form a collage of robely fail?
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    Re: best place to hunt indigo plant

    It also spawns in Evendim, but Eregion really is the best. You'll find it frequently once you get to that level.

    If you're not finding indigo but are finding other farm nodes (berries, veggies,...
  24. Re: Ranking up tier 6 will take twice as many hides as each previous tier?

    I'll admit I hadn't looked at your guide before, in large part because I was done months before you posted it. I wasn't expecting something so... comprehensive.


    Yes, most of the key...
  25. Re: Ranking up tier 6 will take twice as many hides as each previous tier?

    Tier 6 is totally different than T1-5, probably due in part to the silly "let's make two different crafting ingredients for this tier" concept. There's a 4/4/6, 4/4/4/8, 4/4/10, and 4/4/4/12 (one...
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