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  1. Representing "Who Ate My Lembas"

    Hello all,

    Not sure if anyone remember us, but for those that happened to catch a glint of us (moreso years ago as opposed to recently), Who Ate My Lembas will be heading over to Landroval. ;)
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    I have a female Elven guardian and I'm more than...

    I have a female Elven guardian and I'm more than happy with the way she turned out. I mean c'mon...she's like the total aggro magnet. Who wouldn't want to hit on her? :D Asides from her obvious...
  3. Re: Legendary Items - Bioware succeeds where Turbine failed

    + rep for making me laugh. I feel the same way, especially with LOTRO's current LI system.

    This is one example for fixing the current system. Or allow the symbols to reforge a pre-existing LI...
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    Re: Heralds, Horses, and Brother skills

    I'd find it more hilarious if the herald wasn't mounted but got a run buff as it desperately tried to keep up with me. I still chuckle whenever I jump in the water and watch the herald swim while...
  5. Re: Update 5 Developer RoundTable Discussion (While waiting for an official thread)

    "The other thing we're doing for this series of instances is, players can "craft" their own necklace through pieces they get inside the instances, and they'll basically be able to level-up the rarity...
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    Re: Isengard area what a pain

    I consider the overseers as my new litmus test to see how well my character is progressing, much like the elites in Lothlorien at 60, and the ones in Mirkwood/Endewaith at 65. When I first got into...
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    Re: Ruingalad the unkillable :P

    With the changes in ROI with Tactical Mitigation, I'll be steering clear of Ruingalad and any mobs dealing large/frequent amounts of tactical damage. Skirmish grinding has got me leaning towards...
  8. Re: "Can you please make me some Lembas. Whatever kind is free."

    My kin will go after that player. We knew something smelled of orc mischief...;)
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    Re: Woah! Look at the sweet dagger!

    Thanks! A kinmate made me the Resilient Dagger of Theodred which looks like the second one posted, but not a fan of the gold colour.
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    Re: Woah! Look at the sweet dagger!

    Wow...which one is that dagger if you don't mind me asking.
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    Re: Extraordanary Relics

    I happened to take a look at the new melded relics and found them very underwhelming. They are just minor value upgrades over the extraordinary relics pre-ROI. In some instances, I'm glad I kept my...
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    Re: Best skirmish soldier for Guardians

    ^^ I second this.

    I slot Ultimate: Word of Flame, Weakening Draught, Word of Battle, and Oil of the Dragon's Rage. Hold the aggro and let the sage nuke mobs as you keep them close together.
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    Re: Question about LIs

    My suggestion to you is the following:

    1. Slot any LIs you can equip and level them until you hit 60.

    2. Craft (or buy or steal) a lvl 60 2nd age weapon and tools. Deconstruct current LIs...
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    Re: good duo class?

    One time I went stealth and a hunter kinnie was taking on a weaver after overcommiting and taking some damage. Once the weaver approached, positional spike+stun=laughs all around.

    For pve, any...
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    Re: What does practical joke actually do?

    I think stealth mechanics apply. People in your fellowship will be immune to it. Chances increase if you approach targets from behind and they don't detect you before you pull it off.
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    Re: Death from Below as a Burglar

    I remember trying to take on the troll and getting my butt handed to me. In my escape, I (unwittingly) personally escorted the troll to the blasting powder killing the both of us while the dwarves...
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    Re: Burglars and Legacy priorities

    Just my two cents...and some of this has probably been mentioned on other threads.

    CA Bleed stack lost a bit of luster after they increased the cooldown on CA. With the recent change of bleed...
  18. Re: The Icy Crevasse - what is with the difficulty level

    I ran it solo with my burg and made it through without dying. I didn't burn down any major skills and used the winds/vents to my advantage. CC'd the boss to control the damage taken.

    I find the...
  19. Re: The Icy Crevasse - what is with the difficulty level

    Tried doing this as a duo on my burg with a kinnie hunter and both of us managed to hold up well until we got to the boss. The only common factor that caused us to wipe was when the grim lieutenant...
  20. Re: Does a capable burglar HAVE to dual-wield?

    As others have mentioned, just throw a second weapon on for the extra damage and possible stat increases you can get off of the off-hand weapon...as well as the skills that will become avaiable in...
  21. Re: New Pants coming in the next Epic quest update.

    Those pants are sexy! I will become a crazy heal tank with those! ^^

    As for the gloves, I can imagine all the wardens and burgs screaming for mobs to hit them just to help with their power...
  22. Re: Post your Legendary Items - Mirkwood Edition


    Got lucky with this one. Crit Multiplier on 10 reforge, horn damage on 20, and AoE on 30.
  23. Re: What can a Burg do for us in our fellowship?

    Point taken. I just wanted to make us burgs feel a bit better, especially in smaller kins where they have a limited class make up. Some peeps would rather take a kinmate over a stranger and I'd...
  24. Re: What can a Burg do for us in our fellowship?

    I can't stress this aspect enough. Whereas most classes fulfill about two roles on average, the burg can fill in those gaps with DPS, cc, debuff, healing (through FMs), and off-tank. Because of...
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    Re: Update 2012

    I like the points the OP suggested on the following (and my personal thoughts on these):

    Clever Retort
    (allows for some randomness while making it more productive based on the situation.)
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