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    Re: Changes in a Kin

    I too am in a kin that had dropped to 2-3 online at a time. But after a few officer changes we started building it up again. We are a casual kin with ~100-150 members but it has come back strong...
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    Re: Interest in an All-Dwarf RP Kin?

    I am part of the only all dwarf kin on Firefoot. It is fantastic. But RPing seems to confuse most of them. The odd phrase once in a while is all I get back.

    Yesterday I stood on the precipice...
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    Re: Firefoot Raiding Community

    Want to know which kins can field end-game? Who to contact?
    Try this site. It is just a few simple pages but with some good info.

  4. Re: Please add Westfold crafting to data.lotro.com

    On many characters it does not even reflect current status. I am getting numbers that are 2-4 levels below what the cahracter's level is in his profession. For instance a supreme master metalsmith...
  5. Crafting incorrect in sig and data.lotro.com

    I have had an issue for quite a while now that my crafting levels do not show correctly. This character, Barthalin, is a Supreme Master Metalsmith and Supreme Master Prospector working on Westfold...
  6. Re: When are you going to fix the high res installer Turbine???

    I installed on a new machine yesterday with the hires installer without issue. It takes a while but it worked fine.
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    Re: Hunters of Middle Earth (Snowbourn)

    Group with others that do not have a kin and adventure with them. Once you are friends, you will have a better chance of getting them to join. Kins are about friendships and helping each other. ...
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    Re: Disappointing results.

    I played as f2p through lower 30s without issue. The only thing I used TP for was the riding skill because I wanted it before level 20. I think when I joined we got 200TP for starting the first...
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    Re: Firefoot Raiding Community

    While I have not reached that portion of the game there are several in my kin looking to solve the same issue. Send an ingame mail to Rahhi and Cabanbolon and not only will they be likely to join...
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    Warmhands Emote

    Please bring back the /warmhands emote. It was part of the Yule festival last year but is conspicuously missing this year.
  11. Re: Cosmetic shields, different levels of access for chests and Kinship vault

    I competely agree with you! The shields are my biggest sore spot in the cosmetics system at the moment.
    The other is the lack of ability to decorate a house like a house. The lack of freedom of...
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    Re: cosmetic Sheilds

    As a Guardian new to LotRo, I was already scanning the internet looking for a way to do this. While weapons would be nice the shield is a big part of how we look. Please add this!
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