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  1. Re: To those that subscribe pre-F2P but now you dont?

    This is my experience as well.
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    Re: It does make a sound

    No I don't. Life is easier that way
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    Re: Sword vs. Spear

    Tanking with a club is better then either, esp. if you are a hobbit. Get a good 2nd age club with the right fist gambit bonuses and go to town.
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    Re: It does make a sound

    The only sound it makes is the squeak out of gneech and the eebil laughter of Jeedai.

    But I appreciate the thought LtD. of course Tanis had to tell me of this thread because as usual you get...
  5. What happens when I buy mirkwood?

    If I purchase the mirkwood expansion (50% off) do I immediately become VIP or do I have to activate it first?

    I am holding out for some more quest packs on sale and dont want to go VIP in the next...
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    Re: Suggestions to keep new players

    What do you mean grinding TP?

    To earn your traits you have to use abilities. Use them enough you earn some TP.
    Slayer deeds bring you virtues which bring you greater abilities. Earn your deeds...
  7. Re: Looking to go f2p but worried about Loosing Classics

    I have MoM but not SoM. I have full access to anything Moria but I have no access to Lone lands to Eregion, well I have lone lands now since I paid 50TP for it.

    Because you have MoM you will have...
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    Re: Confused a tad...

    For humans/Hobbits its the dude in the hunting lodge. the son of the captain. forget his name.
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    Re: Confused a tad...

    If you have MoM you have access to MoM content but you have to wait until you're level 50. Make a toon in every server and get the 10 turbine points from each server. That will give you enough TP...
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    Re: Please LOTRO team, hear me out. :(

    Nice necro thread.

    A brand new game on the shelf is what? $50 or so? Spend the $50 on points and basically unlock the game forever for all you characters?
  11. Re: Is Mirkwood expension available out of the LOTRO Store?

    I was under the impression that mirkwood was a paid for expansion and would always be. Basically one price to open up the whole thing. But now they are implementing some f2p zones in both...
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    Re: Server Full

    If you uncheck enter last world automatically you see Riddermark is up. It does NOT say full or queue or anything.

    The server listing page should notify the customer which game worlds are on...
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    Re: Angamar , forochel , eregion

    Eregion leads to Moria, if you had to buy just one get eregion. Now on a soloable content issue I was solo through a lot of the game angmar included, just no raid content. Course I was an awesome...
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    Re: Man Warden vs Hobbit Warden

    I went elf on my first warden when MoM first drop'ed. The one thing I really hated was having 2 rivendel ports. Man/Hobbit get you bree/MD. Feign Death is better then the 3k heal. Theoretically...
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    Re: Wardens - Second Rate Tanks??

    Wow!!!! This argument is still going on? Leave for over a year and come back to the same trash talk. I would have thought this would have been put to bed by now.

    1. Trait your warden to tank...
  16. Re: A returning subscriber's point of view.

    Best Buy gave everyone who walked into their store today a 42" TV of their choice. I missed it because the only way I could have known was go into their store the day before. I missed out. You...
  17. Re: Confessions of a new Free-to-Play member

    Landroval is also one of the most popular servers. Always has been. I think if you would have started on a new server that was opened up for the F2P you would have a different experience. I myself...
  18. Re: Confessions of a new Free-to-Play member

    I would for at least a month in order to unlock your gold cap/traits/bags. for only 15 bucks you get quite a bit of value, not to mention 500 TP will get you a quest pack once you go back to premium.
  19. Re: One time 10 TP per server question

    Actually you can get in tutorial. Doing Archet and talking to the son in Hunters lodge is where I been getting it. Before hitting real world.

    was curious if I can just go real world and head to...
  20. One time 10 TP per server question

    I have gotten the special 10 TP per server in the Tutorial, but if I skip the tutorial will that 10 TP be available to me? somerwhere in the starter zone?

    If I have to do the tutorial to get them....
  21. Re: So let me get this straight...(About Premium, VIP and Former Subscribers)

    NOw the only way to buy Siege of Mirkwood is through the store for TP?
  22. Re: How much TP to unlock the game completely?

    Once you move down from VIP to Premium you get the 5g lock? I thought once you have char logged into a VIP account you have fully unlocked you gold limit and opened up all traits slots?

    I have...
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    Re: BOO!!! Guess Who

    Ok, I think I understood most of that. I actually left before Mirkwood hit so I only have Moria. I am thinking of seeing if I can find a cheap mirkwood box at the store and get my vip month from...
  24. Re: How much TP to unlock the game completely?

    I am trying to figure out if I just buy $50 worth of points is enough. Thats is basically less then 4mths worth of VIP. and at the end of 4 months I only have 2000TP and no access to the game other...
  25. How much TP to unlock the game completely?

    Is there a price list that someone has compiled that shows how much TP it costs to basically unlock everything a VIP person gets?
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