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    Is GOLD-FIRE Pipeweed dead ??

    I have noticed, unless I missed something, that the recipe for Gold-Fire pipeweed is no longer sold at the vendor. Is Gold-Fire Pipeweed now gone, or is the only source for it the Wild Pipeweed...
  2. Possible Cause of Performance issues = COmplete DCA Monitoring Tool

    I have found in the past that raising the operating priority of LOTRO to HIGH woud resolve performance issues. I have done this through the task manager.

    I now, since the new release, note that...
  3. Login Failure (NEW) Msg "Failed to read authentication

    My update has just finished, and at the initial signin page (username / password), I am getting the message:

    "Failed to read authentication response [ err unexpected end of file [Line 1][Col 1]" ...
  4. Humor, Good . . .

    I like the me Mongo . . .

    Since ity is now 12 Noon PST Friday, and this mess started 2 PM Thursday (22 Hours ago)

    How many times can I take deep breaths and count to 10

    (1) lack of...
  5. Floow up :

    First molotro.turbine.com is the website I have tried to use. This is the one you referenced, and is the only way to enter a key WHEN IT WORKS. it has YET to work for me.

    Downloading patches. I...
  6. No help in the slightest

    the only place I know of to enter a game code is myaccount.lotro.com.

    (1) log into account.

    (2) enter the 25 character code, and click to submit. EVENTUALLY the page returns with no effect. ...
  7. Completely Unacceptable performance issues

    I hope some direction can be made to resolve issues that are obviously outstanding for over TWO YEARS.


    Started with this game when it first went Free-to-play

    BOUGHT "Mines of Moria"...
  8. I little perspective

    First, take note that the initial information said "Customer Support" would also be unavailable. This comment implies that this is BIGGER than server hardware. Having been in IT, I can appreciate...
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    Proce referencs

    I am going to list the current TP prices in reverse order:

    Rohan, L75-85, 1495 TP Base
    Isengard, L66-75, 1495 TP Base
    Mirkwood, L61-65, 695 TP Base

    Total: 3685 TP, which can be purchased with...
  10. 1-1 ratio instead of 1-4 6-7 crops per...

    1-1 ratio instead of 1-4

    6-7 crops per planting etc

    I have to say the entire thread sounded like a lot of whining. Farming is the absolute easiest trade to do. Farm good are put on AH at...
  11. Returned to a happy surpise

    I returned to the game after a 2 years absence, and to my surprise the house was there... but just locked. after I told the bank to unlock it and paid the rents,

    I found everything as I had left...
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    Continuing this thread, Elgan is only a taster

    Lone lands (Elgan) crafting for rep is only a taster for other regions that are faction / Craft paired:

    Rivendel Elves have craft for rep with the Scholars

    North Down Rangers have craft for rep...
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    Sort of an answer.

    (Purple) pipeseed drops from pipeweed farming

    Seed drops are same or +1 higher in level.

    Top tier Fungo / Gold fire only redrops itself

    As I understand Tier7 (Yet to actually grow), the wild...
  14. Looking for update, has anything changed?

    Are all the details in this thread the same, or are there changes to this situation?

    Update please
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    Reviving the thread for good reason

    I planted well over 500 fields of pipeweed to try to figure out the dynamics of "Rare" (Purple) seed drops, and came up with a most interesting discovery:

    If you have a desire to "Crop for Seeds",...
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    If anyone can give advice, I would appreciate it:

    (1) Followed advice on Microsoft Website Regarding .Net Framework:
    (a) Activate 2.0/3.0 in control window
    (b) Rename config files to use...
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    Testing on New "Ivy Bridge" (3rd Gen) I3 laptop

    I am still downloading the 9Gb, and have turned on .Net 3.5. Will post a subsequent confirmation if there are problems, but shall assume above is all that is needed. Laptop config is 4Gb Ram, 640...
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