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    Me too and its driving me nuts lol I am going to...

    Me too and its driving me nuts lol I am going to go for a full reinstall and see what that does (fixes the issue I do hope lol )
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    No effect!

    Nothing happened at all but thanks for your much appreciated efforts. I am currently downloading again after an uninstall, Its using a new method to download the game called 'Happy Cloud' and tbh I...
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    Sorry to be so thick but what is thas main folder...

    Sorry to be so thick but what is thas main folder called?? and thanks for your help :) Haldare
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    exactly the same issue!

    Hi I have just read your post and like you i am not all that computer literate I also tried everything you have mentioned, I am using win8 os would be very interested to know how you get on and I...
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    GAME ERROR [205] Plese help!!

    After returning to the game after a months break I opened the launcher and it started an update, after a few minutes i recieved a message (game error [205]) and the launcher closed and I am unable to...
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    I had same problem!

    When I first got into Lotro I had the same problem but i was playing on a laptop that was hardly suited to gaming and I put it down to that then when I got another desktop and it was the same I was...
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    This worked for me with 3072

    Hey Ive recently upgraded an old hand me down PC from my Sister, as times are hard atm. Its a Dell Insperon 530s, I have added a VTX 1GB Radeon HD 5450 graphics card and 2GB memory to the...
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    Banners Of The Enemy... Bugged?

    For weeks now I have been trying in vane to finish off my 'Aiding the Eastemnet' deed for my Captain and now having leveld another character to 85 and now have the problem doubled! I can accept the...
  9. Many thanks !

    Thanks for the insight. I had my suspicions that things did change from time to time. I decided to go back to Eregion yesterday and low and behold the ratio seemed to be allot more ballanced. Thank...
  10. Ancient Silver In Eregion at almost 60/40 pick up rate!

    I recently decided it was time to level up both my armour-smith and weapon-smith (crafts)as they have both been sitting on tier 3 for well over a year due to the fact I didn't have a high enough...
  11. Many thanks Im all good now!!

    Yea thanks ! Easy when you know how huh!! Many thanks for taking the time and helping me out-much appreciated :)
  12. Travel-Minstrelbuff-lotroPad all vanished from my screen!! HELP

    Yesterday I conected my pc to my 41" hdtv with nice results but I had to revert back to my monitor for the time being, after returning to 'normal' i have lost most of my plugins! there simply not...
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    YES YES YES I couldnt agree more easy for ppl...

    YES YES YES I couldnt agree more easy for ppl without a prob to say calm down! Ive attempted multple times to log on and sticks at various stages and a little word from turbine would at least be a...
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    I am having the same problems n feel your pain but there must be another thread someplace with answers surely getting very p****d off with this also like you a fully paid subscriber who pre-purchaced...
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    Craft Accelorators Bugged!!

    This has been happening for a while now but everytime I use a craft accelerator I get no enhanced craft xp I have /bugged it and nothing What was the point in buying them and no one seems to care!...
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    Made It Past Character Selection!! connection to server timed out *cry,Sob,Weep!!*

    After repeatedly attempting to log in with all the problems listed above I finally made it to character selection, chose my toon and waited about 10 mins or so then it timed out grrrreat! I know...
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    your my saviour!!

    done exactly that annnd im In whooopy dooopy dooo (blushes ''sorry'') err maybe not made it just past the server selection and it restarted had to put in Password again and cant get online (M*A*S*H*...
  18. Sticky: I have just spent hours doing the hidden deed 'The Pits Of Moria'

    .....And it doest work any more! I have tried the various falls three or more times and no deed nor title. I suspect that after the Moria Re-vamp it has been removed. Disappointing to say the very...
  19. There is nothing of the sort in the Mathom House!

    After reading the 'other' Easter egg post I just has to take a trip to Evindim and have a look and see what it could be! found it and then wondered where it was In the Mathom House? Well as far as I...
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    thanks to all :)

    Thanks for all the info guys, much appreciated. By the way I am using a desktop with a ssd hd and wired connection so like I said before I dont think its my hardware..most likley Virgin I intend on...
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    Many thanks for your informitive reply!!

    So with what you have stated my jitter is due to latency and therefore nothing much can be done! Well at least I know now and I supposed its just part and parcel of playing an MMO( LOTRO being my...
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    Latency & how it works in LOTRO?

    I am experiencing jittery gameplay, I have a half decent system so Im pretty sure thats not the issue. I am wondering what exactly Latency is and how it works ingame- a google search came up with...
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    [QUOTE=manstan;6284834] toons are those things...

    [QUOTE=manstan;6284834] toons are those things that used to be on Saturday morning. I've always thought calling video game characters toons was like calling a rap artiest a saxophonist.

    I think...
  24. A cloak with a tail?? What's next, boots with...

    A cloak with a tail?? What's next, boots with hooves? Helms with a mane? Nosebag?? It's a definite nay from me.

    ha-ha look again! It also has a Mane!! Its a tad on the silly side I agree, I love...
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    Back In Gilrain

    Yeehaaa panic over though i was going to have to take part in r/l there for a mo...phew s*d that lol enjoy peeps :)
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