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  1. Okay, that makes sense to me, though kinda sucks...

    Okay, that makes sense to me, though kinda sucks because I was hoping to get them with the packs. Oh well, I will have to work toward getting the ingredients I need so I can forge them. Thanks for...
  2. Sorry, I meant proficient, the level between...

    Sorry, I meant proficient, the level between apprentice and master within each tier. When I crafted the level 75 2nd age weapons, I was only proficient of the Westfold (Tier 7, I think) weaponsmith...
  3. Dark Knights of Mirkwood (Nimrodel) are recruiting

    As the newly appointed leader of Dark Knights of Mirkwood in the Nimrodel server I am looking to rebuild the kin up to what it was when I first joined. If you are looking for a kin and want to help...
  4. Crafting legendary weapons with ingredient packs

    Okay, I am curious what is up with something. I am trying to craft myself some level 85 second age weapons for my main character, but I cannot use the Eastemnet ingredient packs. I was able to make...
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    Very much worth it

    Simply put, yes it is very much worth it. Even though you will still have to buy some stuff through the online store, you get many more benefits from being VIP that outweigh those in my opinion.
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