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  1. Housing Updates coming with Helms Deep?

    I heard a couple months back that there were going to be some major updates to the LOTRO housing system, including crafting among other things. Could anyone give me an update as to these changes?
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    Harvestmath 2013?

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knows when the 2013 Harvestmath fest is going to start? Thanks for any info.
  3. Where do you get all the LORTO news?!?!?!

    I have been on many threads and sometimes there will be someone that knows something about the Housing system update, or the "class changes" And I have not heard a whisper of any of it. WHERE DO YOU...
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    The only thing they should change about the NPC...

    The only thing they should change about the NPC outfits IF they convert them to player-wearable items it they should up the photo quality a smidge to match their current standards. But that's about...
  5. When I said "active" I meant it in the context...

    When I said "active" I meant it in the context that there is SOMETHING to DO!!! Granted I know there can't be a buss load of people there all the time but there could be something more to neighbors...
  6. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhoo ooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yay! This is going to be great!!!!
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    Townie Outfits are SOOOO CUTE!!!!!

    I realize I may be alone in this but I find the "townie" outfits to be quite adorable and I would like to see them as cosmetic clothes in some way. If it be a new vendor of what ever. Let me wear...
  8. EXTREME lost potential in homesteads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One of my only dislikes about lotro is that the homesteads are totally desolate of activity. There is literally NOTHING to do except store things. I don't know why but everyone that I have heard from...
  9. Some new hair-styles for the peoples of middle earth...

    I love lotro very much and one of my only annoyances I find is that there is a very limited number of hair-styles for all the races you can play as. And it takes considerable fiddling to get the look...
  10. That would be AWESOME!!!!

    My kinship and I (I am the leader) are crafting MAINIACS and it would be wonderful if we could submit a request for certain supplies supply and demand! Maybe even add a little check box for kinship...
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    One solution to that would be that when the calendar is opened you would choose to view your "race" calendar (for which ever race your character is) and your "Real Time" calendar according to your...
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    This is more what I had in mind.....


    I know there is a calendar on the forums, but I was suggesting something more like the picture above. So you don't have to quit the game and log onto...
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    This might not bother anyone else but I used to play WoW (world of warcraft) and it was a utterly miserable experience... but on thing I have liked about this one and other MMORPG's I have played it...
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