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    Defeat Events: What are they?

    I cannot find a concrete definition of a defeat event. Can someone explain them and their role during combat? Thanks in advance
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    Tier 3 nodes and hides map

    Aurochs drop 2-3 sturdy hides and can be found in bunches. This is the most consistent place I have found gold nodes.

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    Re: loremasters at high levels?

    I have played a few classes and the LM is difficult to level up during the 20s-30s. Others may disagree, but I didn't really start having fun with my LM until the mid 40s. I feel they really shine...
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    Re: Which skirmish soldier should a LM use.

    Lot of good stuff in here. I really feel it is all subjective though due to the fact we can play the LM class in many different ways.

    I have tried four different classes, and I spent some serious...
  5. Carn Dum tonight (Wednesday 10 pm EST)

    Anyone up for a run through Carn Dum tonight? Please list your character name here and I will send you an invite at 10 pm. Thnx for your time. I am a 53 tank.
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    Re: Captain and Lore-master Informational Blog

    It's evident we will not like the auroch. Sure, you can't make everyone happy, but hey, you've already got a big tank and plenty of wings so why not go with a spider? It could serve as CC and debuff,...
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    Re: How do I not die?

    Traiting blue in the early 40s may not seem as sexy as the red line, but man it is much harder to die (IMO). I traited two extremes (red vs blue) and kept going back to the same orc camp in east...
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    Re: How do I not die?

    I think the skirm soldier depends upon your playstyle. You've heard players say heals because...or, tank because...but I feel a dead mob can't hurt you. My Warrior is always 3+ then me, and his...
  9. Re: To anyone who is seeking a kin, or ready to switch kins...

    Thank you again. Fellow service members, regardless of branch, I consider family.

    Arich, I listed you as a friend. "Verythoreau" is the name you want to friend, I will send you an invite as soon...
  10. "The Bad Pull" --a "guide" for new LMs, or not

    If a LM (Lore Master) is you very first class and you have never played the game before, you should read something else. This is for Wardens, Minis, Hunters, and others who are trying out the LM...
  11. Re: To anyone who is seeking a kin, or ready to switch kins...

    Wow. Great post Welsknight. As a vet myself, I must say it sounds like you may have some military experience or at the very least, intelligence;) Things are going well for now. Thanks again.

  12. Re: Advice on getting pages for Legendary Traits

    Do the epic quest which starts in Trollshaws and leads you into MM. Then rerun those MM epics (Fire and Ice etc.) I have done this w/ more than one character and it works very well. Then I go to a...
  13. Re: To anyone who is seeking a kin, or ready to switch kins...

    perhaps either of you could give me some advice re: recruiting. Nothing we do seems to be working. Cheers!
  14. To anyone who is seeking a kin, or ready to switch kins...

    A few weeks ago a level 8 kin almost folded. My RL friend and I (and all our toons) single handedly rescued the kin and it's house from peril.

    We need your help in building our kin back up. The...
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    Re: Giving the warden time to build aggro

    This is a great thread. I pretty much have the same gripes and rotations as the above mentioned, but my question is, do any of you trait down the yellow line? I am only at level 51, but I can tell a...
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    Re: issue with attunement

    Wowsers. I should have figured that out on me own. Cheers!
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    issue with attunement

    hello, I have a lvl 18 RK and I have three healings skills that require 3 or more green in the attnmt bar, but even when using all three of my lower attnmt skills I cannot ever get to three bars to...
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    Re: Crickhollow Kins Merging?

    It's great this subject was brought up because the kin I am in, "The Pipe and Leaf Society" just switched leaders twice in one day. The original chap (no name's please) just didn't log on nearly...
  19. Re: The archer is not a good choice for skirms

    I understand my warden tactics won't work the same, but what I mean to say is that the archer range doesn't seem to even come close to the range of my LM. So, when I start to root or mez or attack...
  20. The archer is not a good choice for skirms

    Yesterday, I got my third toon, a LM to level 20 and went with the archer class as I have the archer with my warden and I feel they do a great job taking down single targets pretty quickly. While...
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    Sticky: Re: Feedback: New Player Tips for Lore-masters

    The Lore-Master class is like playing chess. You can plan several moves in advance, and you can also use moves to set up others. It is def an advanced class. Here is a nice combo for the early LM....
  22. The Pipe and Leaf Society. Click and see why we're different.

    There are hoards of kins out there. If you are anything like us, playing in a kin with 300 strangers or even 800 strangers probably doesn't light your pipe. The Pipe and Leaf Society prides itself on...
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    Re: quickslot bar and FMs

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. What I mean is, can I take the four colors and actually quickslot them for easier use when a FM is activated. I ask because I saw a screen shot of a player with this...
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    quickslot bar and FMs

    How can I slot Fellowship Maneuvers to my quickslot bar. Thanks in advance///
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    Re: Halls of night deed

    thank you very much.
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