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  1. Metroid/Sonic crossover - Samus and Blaze: Swapped Souls (Chapter 1)

    Also note: I wrote this on Note pad and be publishing on Fanfiction site as well. enjoy this.

    Metroid Fusion/Sonic Rush Chronicles-Samus and Blaze: Swapped Souls
  2. Nothing yet?, reply?

    Nothing yet?, reply?
  3. A Sonic Rush/Metroid Prime mixed game

    The Sonic trilogy needs to have a Metroid ReFit to have a edgy, dark, T-rated fashion,(but remain funny) sonic's friends stays the same (and being cocky) while Samus's friends die and she gets PSTD...
  4. Crysis 3 Wow(World of Warcraft GC/Wii...

    Crysis 3

    Wow(World of Warcraft

    GC/Wii emulators games(Mostly Metroid prime series

    Gta series

  5. Who will win: (Samus aran, Blaze the cat)

    ... time to get started

    Samus aran(1986-2014) vs Blaze the cat(2005-2014)
  6. Replies

    There will be balance with them, takes a long...

    There will be balance with them, takes a long time.
  7. so thats what happend

    so thats what happend
  8. skrimish xp vanished (iwas lvl 49-50

    i played this for one year and skirmish xp just..vanished to thin air and never return intell update 6 come out it slowed downed my progrees now lvl 67 with armor i never reach lvl 75:(
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    cool what will i look when i reach lvl 75

    cool what will i look when i reach lvl 75
  10. creep need armor and wepons to be same power with freep

    i had with freeps one shoting me and i cant play creep side with no armor with armor u have a chance for a good fight with wepon warleaders have more theat to pull thats a good idea this will make...
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