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  1. Re: The name you have selected would not be appropriate in Middle-earth.

    That is acceptable and makes sense then if that name is taken, but I guess my astonishment is more directed at the Lotro message itself, using the word 'appropriate' and not 'taken' when trying to...
  2. The name you have selected would not be appropriate in Middle-earth.

    The title of this thread is the message I got when I tried to name my Frost Damage runestone 'Frosty' and the same message when I tried to name my Minstrel's drum 'Bongo' -- yet a Kin can be named...
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    Lore Seekers Kinship

    We are a small and growing kin (we will hit rank 10 in Jan 2011) who's goal is quality, not quantity. We strive to have as much fun as we possibly can in this game. After all, it IS just a game and...
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    Re: Introductions and Free Turbine Points

    Lotro is my first MMO and I love it!! Been playing for a little over a year now and see no end in my future... :)
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    Re: LOTRO Promotions

    I'm a little dissapointed to see that yesterday prices went up from the 9th. On the 9th, the price for additional shared storage space was 695 points. Yesterday it was 995. I was hoping that when...
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