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  1. I too am getting this error message. So very...

    I too am getting this error message. So very frustrating, as well as disappointing. Is LOTRO seriously broken no PyaPal can't log in if you can gameplay is non functional. Hmmm What to do?
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    Darrowdelf transfere

    I have a questions regarding the transfer process. I have searched the provided information which is seriously OLD!. My question is, when is Darrowdelf open for transfer I have 11 characters and 3...
  3. quick slots flashing now you see em now you don't ?

    Has anyone had this occur, I log on all seems well I can move my character around but when I engage the enemy my quick slots start to flash on and off. I cannot select any weapons my character is...
  4. What the heck is "HAPPY CLOUD" I'm not HAPPY!

    What the @#*&^!!! is Happy Cloud??? my computer had a meltdown,and after the fix. I am now running windows 8.1 I go to reinstall the game and OK things are a bit different (thank you Microsoft ugh)...
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    WARNING ! fastest riding speed ?

    Hello everyone, I have just purchased from the LOTRO store the 78% fastest riding speed after the purchase and the store taking my 1995 points the screen showed a notice in red that this feature is...
  6. I am on the Darrowdelf server I thank you for the...

    I am on the Darrowdelf server I thank you for the help.
    Best wishes
  7. Where is the infused sapphire needed for the siege of Bard Morales

    Hello, I have been searching for the infused sapphire which I need to find to continue the Siege on Bard Morales quest. I have been all over lovely Eregion and killed many villains and wargs and...
  8. How does one get a War steed Plain no frosting

    I am lvl 54 perhaps to low.. although I was told by other players not. I am in Moria finally and it seems my current mount is not useable. Ok I have run myself ragged trying to buy a war steed the...
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    Lala's Market

    I visited Lala's Market and while you can put togeather a very cool impressive look, is it still just cosmetic? if you wear that into combat you will be distroyed in no time. or does your protective...
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    Horse without a saddle ?

    Has anyone else had this happen I went to all the trouble of pulling flowers for the festival horse and had enough extra to get the saddle. the saddle shows up in my inventory but when I go to get it...
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    How high a level does one have to be ??

    I have a character who is a level 48 Hunter , I am not sure why I am still unable to purchase some items at the store I get the your level is to low or your have to be a VIP member. I am a VIP...
  12. Expansion Packs ? wich one is first does it matter?

    I have a main player a hunter level 47 I am considering the riders of rohan expansion but see the others as well not sure which is the first one to do or if it matters. I have been trying to read up...
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    Missing Stealth tool solved

    Thank you, Lythia you are so right I forgot that humans are limited in that regard so she is going to have to fight and be sneaky in full vision. best wishes
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    Missing Stealth tool for Hunter

    I have a level 31 Hunter one of four Hunter I am playing. All of my other hunters levels 28 thru 43 have their stealth tool except for this level 31 I have looked to see if I have just not activated...
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    Hot keys dissapppearing

    Elf Hunter lvl: 36, I received a new skill from my trainer after doing a tracking quest. It was a instant trap for in combat. I equipped it and added it to my quick slots or Hot keys used it in...
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    how many goblins do I need to Kill!

    I am on a quest to gill goblins in the vineyards in Ered Luin the starter area for elves Levels 4 to 15 I am a 12. i am on the prologe quest to avenge the death of The quest givers son . I have been...
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