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    Any kins still doing the uniform

    I have both lead and viced kins with uniforms and every time i loved it! I was wondering if there are any bigger clans that at least have uniforms for their officers? because i havent seen any on...
  2. kinship war!!!!! become the best in windfola!!!

    don't miss your chance to become the strongest kinship in Windfola!!!! hosted by Glinbour there will be 1 member from every kinship to represent them in the battle. the matches will be in 1v1 (any...
  3. Kinship Tournament!!!! Show that your Kinship is the strongest!!!

    This is a message to all players. on the 25th of jan there will be a tournament held by Glinbour if you want your kinship to join send Gilbour a letter telling the name of your kin and...
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    i was the vice at one point and now i think everybody in it got bored lol
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