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  1. Thread: RIP Big E

    by mommadus

    I've been here for 7+ years, Elendilmir will...

    I've been here for 7+ years, Elendilmir will always be the Jewelled Bell for me :(

    Good luck and peace, everybody, it's been a pleasure playing with you all. The road goes ever on and on.
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    Funny, someone was recruiting for Forgotten...

    Funny, someone was recruiting for Forgotten Treasury the other night, and right away I thought of "There's a Treasury??" :)
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    SW Florida, Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda area :D

    SW Florida, Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda area :D
  4. Re: Turbine: Read this if you want to make your customers happy!


    This is the first expansion that I will not be pre-ordering. I don't think ROI was worth the money, and ROR is unfortunately looking like it won't be either. $70 price is just insane.
  5. Re: What exactly 'requires us to give welcome to duvodiad'?

    or "Welcome! Will you remain here long?" says NPC

    "Well, yes...at least until the next expansion! You'd better get used to being overrun with Duvodiad for the time-being"
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    Re: please keep the old Robe of Viisaus appearance


    I love the old version of the robe, I wear it dyed black on my Lore-master and my minstrel. I would be really, REALLY sad to see it change!

    Having the ability to use the Robe of...
  7. Re: More than a 30 minute wait queue for VIP play to log in!!!

    I finally gave up after waiting over 30 minutes in the queue for Elendilmir. I think they should have closed that server to the free players since it was already very crowded.

    But yeah, after...
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