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    I am greatly looking forward to getting to the...

    I am greatly looking forward to getting to the higher levels, but I'm also just enjoying the game as I go. So far, the hardest thing for me is being able to remember the gambits, so I tend to just...
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    Warden Stories

    So I just started playing a warden with a friend of mine. I'd been hearing about the great things wardens had done and to be honest hadn't believed all of them. I was very used to Guardians being...
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    Mottos and Class Stereotypes

    So I went around collecting a motto for each class to kind of go with the stereotypes or the things that they're good at.
    Hunters: "The ONLY way to travel."
    Minstrels: "We attract everything that...
  4. Don't know if you're still looking

    So I figure you probably already joined one, but thought I'd give it a shot.
    I started playing not long ago and a lot of kinships sent me random "join our kinship" requests. Retribution was the only...
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