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    Level 75 class items?

    Is there any reason for getting a level 75 class item? Do they have any advantages over level 65 class items?
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    Has anyone used sage with a champ?

    Has anyone done skirmishes with sage/champ combo? I already have warrior and herby and i was wondering if sage would provide some variety?
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    How to get level 75 second ages?

    Or how to get the mats for them? Are they fairly easily obtainable or do they require mirkwood like grind?

    Sorry if this has been asked/answered before!
  4. Re: Has the developtment of the LUA scripting stopped?

    That is exactly what I would like it to be! I am sure the whole community would love it! Will you make one please please? ;u
  5. Re: Has the developtment of the LUA scripting stopped?

    Thanks for answers! Good to hear that there is still some hope. :)

    But can you explain why anyone hasn't made a movable champ fervour meter? (Like the rk thing)
  6. Has the developtment of the LUA scripting stopped?

    Well. It would be nice if some new features would be added, like access to champ fervour amount and target health?
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    So how are the new ardour and traits?

    So is the ardour finally going to be a good choice for instances or do you still prefer fervour? Or would it be a good idea to retrait for every instance?

    What about the dps difference? Will...
  8. [request] moveable champ fervour meter

    There is already something like this for hunter. Would it be possible to make one for a champ too?
    This would be extrmely useful at least for me!
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