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  1. There was a vote casted to decide which of the...

    There was a vote casted to decide which of the remaining servers would become the unofficial Oceanic server...
  2. Can you own a Kinship house as your personal house?

    OK so what i want to know is, say i make a kin and put all my alts in it. Wait for 3 months until it reaches rank 7 and lets me buy kin house so i buy the house i want with my main. can i then say...
  3. How do i delete Client_Highres.dat HELP!!!!!!

    update 11 wont finish updating for me, this is what happens http://imgur.com/WWeYh8T
    so i was told that i have to delete Client_Highres.dat, how do i do this?
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    AGuyNamedGannon, how did you do that?

    AGuyNamedGannon, how did you do that?
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    Update 11 wont finish updating!!!!

    so i started updating lotro and came back after a little while.

    the "files" progress says done, but then above it is another box called "Retry" and in the the box it says "Failed", then to the...
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    Guardian builds for Update 10

    I've been searching around for some recent build ideas lately for guardians but I’m unable to find any, so here is my question.

    What are your trait build ideas for a tanking guard?

    What are...
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    launcher will start but the game wont start

    so all is normal, i click the shortcut on my desktop for the launcher, it loads and does it's thing, i log in and select my server, i connects then the launcher closes like usual, but normally the...
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    What do VIP's get from RoR update

    To start off with I will be blunt and say that I am very confused about RoR.
    I have had a life time account since Moria, I bought the collectors box set for Moria and got all the goodies that u got...
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