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  1. Re: [Video] 5 Year celebrations - Dunland & Isengard video - The Channel

    Thanks, I have done my best to time some of the scenes with the music.

    My editing software is ok but not professional at all so I have had to do a lot by heart and eye timing, but I am happy you...
  2. [Video] 5 Year celebrations - Dunland & Isengard video - The Channel

    So I made a small video for the 5 year celebrations, posted it the other day on the general discussions forum, but thought I would just throw it up here as well.

    Hope you enjoy :)...
  3. LOTRO celebrating 5 years, a video tribute to Dunland and The Tower of Orthanc

    So, 2 years ago I sat down and made my first attempt on a computergame video, and ended up with a small video showing off the wonderful landscapes of Middle Earth in LOTRO, this to celebrate the then...
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    Re: Roots of Fangorn

    A bugged instance with end-boss mechanics that seem to indicate the devs are actually considering kiting to be a viable strategy for end-game material, I am not impressed tbh.

    Sure it's a...
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    Re: Isengard Doors closed?

    Actually this is an extremely well made lore fix for ToO.

    Orthanc was made on unbreakable stone, and no one ever set foot inside the tower besides those invites there, so there you go, this is...
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    Re: Lag since Update 6

    I can add my observations to this thread as well.

    Obviously server or server connection is lagging up big time. Our raid to ToO on tuesday, with people on ventrilo, you would every 60-90 seconds...
  7. Re: Premuim Barter Wallet - Missing a few things to be perfect

    They do go in the wallet, but they are not shared accross the account, so if one char has x barter item say 1 khuzdul tablet, it will only be that char which has access that that tablet, log another...
  8. Re: Premuim Barter Wallet - Missing a few things to be perfect

    Completely agree, I will however point to the fact that most of those bartered items and scrolls require reputaion to use, and in CG's case rep to even acccess to the barter NPC's, so they can't be...
  9. U6 Instance and Challenge Shields - You kidding me right?

    Ok, so in patch notes I read, there will be new designs for instance and challenge shieilds.

    Being the lucky owner of the rare teal heavy shield from T2 Lightning Challenge (the high morale and...
  10. Premuim Barter Wallet - Missing a few things to be perfect

    First of all, great that you have gotten around to finally implementing a barter wallet, and on top of that a semi-account shared one.

    I make some emphasis at the "semi" in that, and this is where...
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    Re: Snowbourns New Raid Progression Thread

    The Channel downed T2 Lightning Challenge tonight.

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    Re: Snowbourns New Raid Progression Thread

    The Channel:

    Completed all of Tier 1 and Frost and Fire (giant twins) T2 non-hm so far, currently working on lightning T2 (challenge)
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    Re: 10 things why LOTRO is bad MMO

    I read through this thread, and well I could not believe what I saw, this thread is so off topic it's almost insane.

    I can understand the OP has some frustrations about the game, the format in...
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    Re: Orhanc - saruman

    Like I said, yeah for T1 we can deal with it, the fight is not crazy hard, so you can deal with it, but I don't wanna be the guy who DC's and break T2 challenge caus of a missing ring to advance the...
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    Re: Great Saruman Run

    Same story, http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?441324-Orhanc-saruman
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    Orhanc - saruman

    So, we had a somewhat annoying experience last night during the Saruman fight.

    After having comeplted it for a few weeks, we kind'a walsed trhought the fight, even phase 5 went very smooth, things...
  17. Re: Quick, easy way to fix Instance Finder

    3 months?, that don't sound right to me, we are talking relatively simple instance = whatever parameter. As it stands now the tool is next to useless and is a terrible incentive for established...
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    Re: Nerf the minstrels!(Big nerf)

    As always nerfs = no thank you,
    If imbalance exists, always always always address it by looking at the creeps. If you start to mess with the freep classes you mess up something in the PvE content...
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    Re: It's time to let the creeps out!

    No thank you, no more of this "I want to gank people playing PvE content" please.
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    RoI U5 Feedback and Suggestions

    Ok, first of all let me say this, I think you have done an overall fantastic job of reviving the instance design in LOTRO, kudos on that one, I am actually enjoying playing the game again and it has...
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    Re: Reasons Why Draigoch Bugs

    Ahh this is good, don't forget you can fix him by swinging a dead chicken over your head, but that only on thursdays when it is a fullmoon.

    Come on Turbine, let's get some facts on the table here.
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    Re: Soloers and Seals

    Really, you sure wanna do this?
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    Re: Soloers and Seals

    I am sorry but I give up, you seem bend on arguing over wording and who said what and where, I am almost certain you know what I mean but you seem to prefer discussing semantics and process, so the...
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    Re: Soloers and Seals

    I am sorry if I offended you, but you are twisting my point somewhat. I don't believe I said if you don't farm raids you are not evolving.

    What I argued was that if you don't walk outside the...
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    Re: Soloers and Seals

    Hardest solo quest to date? Hmm perhaps Death form below in mirkwood, percentrage of the playerbase at 65 that had completed that quest in its day?

    Compare to hardest raid boss to date, hmm...
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