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  1. Well I think I am average player. Been playing...

    Well I think I am average player. Been playing 10 years. Yes if you inspect 2 of the 3 105s I play now they have flower gear with 'plain' illithian essences. The other will so. I won't grind ~100...
  2. Thread: Mob Avoidances

    by AZHuman

    What I see you saying is that ever couple of lvls...

    What I see you saying is that ever couple of lvls we need to somehow upgrade our armor. That is just not realistic. I mostly solo and my 3 main characters got the DA at 100 and played through to...
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    Well said

    I agree with you.
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    Store won't open since 5/12 afternoon.

    I can't get store to open in Firefox or Chrome since yesterday afternoon when the 'fix' work started.

    Update. Found problem, works now.
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    Rivendell is a word I hope I don't see in the...

    Rivendell is a word I hope I don't see in the next Beacon after scrolling through 4 pages of this issue.
  6. Log on crashes after starting character load.

    I have tried 3 times and 2 transferd characters this morning to log on but durring character load the program stops and I go back to desktop.
  7. No trait line for Beorning without group skills is bad, especally for players who mostly solo.

    All 3 skill trait lines having group skills is very aggravating for players like me who mostly solo. It seems to be even worse with 15.2. Red line shouldn't have any group skills like Enraging...
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    I am glad you are trying to fix problems.

    I am always glad to see action to correct problems.

    I hope one of the problems that gets fixed is getting disconnected from server every time I try to repair or sell at an npc. I have spent...
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    Possible answer.

    I don't know if this will help your problem but Microsoft sent out an update that effected graphics that messed my lotro up.

    After a lot of trial & no success I finally found the problem which was...
  10. found answer

    After a lot of trial & no success I finally found the problem which was this update that effected graphics processing.
    Update for Windows 7 for x64 based systems KB2978092

    I am running a Nvidia...
  11. Since Sat. afternoon won't load characters. Found answer!

    Starting Sat. afternoon when I get to the 'choose character to play' screen no character appears on screen and if I go ahead and click to load any of my characters it switchs to the loading screen...
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    I would like to have compleating a 'kill X' deed apply to all acount characters.

    There are so many things we have to do over per character that having the 'kill X many mobs' deeds apply to all account characters would make the game nicer to play.
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    Non raiders should get some good stuff too.

    I don't care if raiders do consider it a slap in the face considering how many times I have been 'slapped in the face' when trying to group with expeirnced radier because I didn't have the right:...
  14. It is a very user unfriendly FB page.

    Pictures are small and no expansion like regular FB, only get to see a few at a time, no dates or info about what is going on with the contest. I won't bother to go back.
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    I like the Hobbit presents, never noticed the xp and don't care.

    I think the Hobbit presents were a nice idea. Sometimes I get something great or good usually just ok stuff. It cost nothing whatever I get so I have lost nothing so I don't understand the...
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    [QUOTE=frickinmuck;7128389]Not to be a pain about...

    [QUOTE=frickinmuck;7128389]Not to be a pain about this, but ...."

    I will say it, especially seeing you post so much more of the same after this one, you are being a pain. As a 'recovering...
  17. Left epic space at 14.3 is there a way to get back in yet?

    I uses milestone skill to leave while doing 14.3 while at Gandalf outside Isengard to got to Aldburg. Is there a way to get back to that point yet? Yes I did leave just to see if there was, part of...
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    Thanks for the reply

    I just wasn't sure so wanted to mention it. I like the 'play' you made. :)
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    This is a very early beta so from experience I...

    This is a very early beta so from experience I know that there is lots not finished yet like the Saruman stuff. Some of the Ent quests are only partially playable this build. I think we can expect...
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    My update

    I played it again and can come up with no suggestions for improvment on the instance other than it would be nice to have speed adjusted. I do want to say there were some very good realistic...
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    Some Epic feedback.

    As a Tolkien fan I have done all the epic content at least once so I enjoyed this expansion with lots of reading.

    The thing that bothered me on this first play through was durring "Unexpected...
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    Concerning Mercy in instance Lothrandir

    I don't understand why Mercy layed down in the water as her final act. Did she faint or die from getting part of what she wanted or something else?
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    The More the Merrier is not showing up in my Race & Social Deed log?

    I have done more than 30 Yule Festival quest this year but there is no record of The More the Merrier deed in my Deed log? Is that actually an active deed for 2013? Does anyone have it this year or...
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    Almost NO drop rate is just aggravating espcially as everything needs them.

    Whoever set the drop rate was very wrong. Must have missed the fact that almost everything we make requires 1. Should average at least 1 per 100 noted for every craft including farming. Just more...
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    I agree price to high unless account wide. I won't buy.

    You created 3 skill trees, give 2 and put high price on 3rd thinking they are forcing us to buy 3rd to have complete skill set like we use to have. No I will not spend $5+ per character to...
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