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  1. Bounder bag still drop after Statue is done?

    Today with the token farming from the festival quests I got some extra tokens and I turned them in to aid a bit on the server total.
    But I got myself a question. If the server I am in finishes the...
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    thanks a lot for you quick reply. I know that my...

    thanks a lot for you quick reply. I know that my mac's specs are at the low end of the requirements for LotRO. I am currently working on a hack-mini pro so that i can enjoy the game in full graphics...
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    Imac 8.1 ram and lotro performance??

    Hello all!!!

    I have the LotRO mac client for about a year on my mac but i still have problems enjoying the game.
    I own the following mac:
    Imac 8.1(2,8 intel core 2 duo)
    ram: 2gb
    GPU: ati...
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    If i click default settings the game puts...

    If i click default settings the game puts everything on ultra high. so thats why i didnt use these settings.
    The instance was "halls of crafting" (in moria) and there were 10-12 mobs in each room.....
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    Lotro-crash while in instance

    Hello all :D

    Yesterday I went in an instance and when we met the first mobs and I started tanking my client crashed. I thought that it was just a bug so I tried again and the same thing happened....
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