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    Re: Dwindling Morale/Power

    I noticed this as well, after changing 5 pieces of gear i LOST over 1k morale, but then again i gained over 100 might and various other stats. This isn't much of a problem considering the skills that...
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    Re: freep roi pvp

    Why are you acting like premium people don't pay?

    I started playing shortly after f2p came out and spent a nice chunk of change so far. I bought about $50 in tp for various zones and goodies since...
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    Re: Couple quick (hopefully) easy questions...

    Bound items cannot be mailed at all, even to another character on the same account. The ONLY way to transfer bind to account items is to put it in the shared vault and grabbing it from the shared...
  4. Re: New Skirms - tied to zone, or separate purchase?

    None of the skirmishes are tied to level packs. The only skirms you don't have to pay extra for on top of the quest packs (moria epics excluded) are Tuck and gondamon which are free to everyone. I...
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    Re: Lottery of the stalwart ending 3/9

    Don't hold me to this but i believe it might have been free tp.
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    Re: sigh lottery hates me or what?

    Thank god lol.
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    Re: sigh lottery hates me or what?

    Same here, when it first started i was winning the lottery at least once every other week, now i get it once every like 2 months except during events where i win just about every entry which is when...
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    Change RSS feed name.

    I subscribe to both DDO's and LOTRO's RSS feeds and they both have the same feed name "Home" and most of the time i can't tell which feed is which unless it hints at which game the feed is for in the...
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    Re: Twitter lotteries short rant

    Meh, at least it's not as bad as companies that use twitter as their support/news site and completely ignore their OWN website. *cough* Infinity Ward *cough*
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    Re: Going Premium.Please Help!

    Don't do this as it would be a waste of money.

    You can get a boxed copy of moria in stores online for $10-$20 which comes with the moria quest pack, both classes, i think 2 extra slots, 30 days of...
  11. Re: apparently buying MoM boxed version doesn't unlock Lothlorien

    While i can't really confirm this since i am only lvl 51 so not far enough yet. I got the boxed version and when i go to the ingame store, loth doesn't show up as an available quest pack to buy so i...
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    Re: Regarding Rest Experience

    I think rest exp is gained by percentage and not by exp. So a level 1 would hit the max rest exp the same time a lvl 60 would.
  13. Re: Can I copy the LOTRO game to another PC without having to DL it all again?

    Lol i use steam to open my very few non steam games just because of the overlay and the ability to browse the web from it. Comes in handy alot on here when stuck on something.
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    Re: I don't have a CNTRL key.

    Wow.... read is even closer buddy.
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    Re: 1 AH slot for f2p would be win for all

    I agree, giving f2p 1-5 slots would really improve things. Currently the auction house is nearly empty (on Riddermark anyway) and things that are on there are usually way overpriced.

    Personally i...
  16. Re: suggestion: one tool for forestry and prospecting

    This is what i do.

    I have a quickslot bar on the side with my sprint/horse, maps for house and whatnot and then my mining/forester tracking and tools. Works wonders, i just click the button then...
  17. Re: Why oh why is there not a vault near the auction houses?

    21st hall is your best friend :D

    This was one of my biggest complaints about the cities is that everything is so spread out. Heck in Bree even a mail box is pretty far from the vault which is not...
  18. Re: Increase minimum fall height before being slowed

    If you are referring to sprint then sadly sprint doesn't work with the cripple effect.

    At least for me whenever i activate the skill while crippled it puts it on cd and doesn't do anything. So far...
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    Re: Tag! Your it!

    Been going there with my Kin on our weekly get togethers, pretty fun i just wish they worked on the play area a bit more or add other arenas to play them in.

    But there is also a pretty fun maze...
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    Re: Crafting panel is way too big!

    I love the new crafting panel layout but i do agree that it is way too big.

    Could easily be fixed by removing unused space, same goes with most of the other unnecessarily large panels.
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    Re: Tasks system not very well thought out.

    Lol ya it works, i just got it.
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    Re: What is this strange number for?

    First off, please never blur your images like that again, was making me sick looking at it (almost to the point of hurling), just crop the image to what you want people to look at.

    But as for the...
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    Re: Limit numbers.

    While i am still new to the game, i personally think it all boils down to hunters having ports to just about everywhere useful.

    Take away the ports and i guarantee hunter numbers will drop...
  24. Re: Win7 Blue Screen of Death Twice Tonight While Playing LotRO. Any PC Guru's Here?

    Turn hardware audio off.

    I had the exact same issue until i turned hardware audio off.
  25. Re: Subscription - where's the advantage in it?

    If you like Monster play (pvp) and swift travel then pay monthly, if you don't really care for either then just buy all the zones and whatnot and play for free.
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