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    1) You assume that the person either has a friend...

    1) You assume that the person either has a friend willing to do DPS parses on the dummy while they heal them or they have time to wait for someone to show up AND they have CA working on BR.
    2) CA...
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    Training dummies need additional functionality

    The new dummies on BR are awesome! Finally something to track meaningful parses on a consistent target that can be repeated as often as you like. Please get these on to live servers before the...
  3. Cordovan, Please make everything about the...

    Please make everything about the Ithilien essences bound / common to account. So not only the various essence vials, but the essence fragments, scroll fragments, etc. Basically...
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    which program to open?

    What program should we be using to open this with? I tried using Excel 2016, but that seems to corrupt all of the vlookups and they just return the #NAME error. Should we be using Google...
  5. Several Kinships moving to Gladden

    Posting in both threads just in case :)

    For those members of our kinships that have not logged into game in many months if not years, and are just learning about the server consolidations, the...
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    Movement of several Kinships to Gladden

    For members of our kinships that have not logged into the game in many months and may not know about the server consolidations and such, the following kinships are moving to Gladden.

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    now stuck on the loading screen

    Well, after wasting 2hrs on a fresh install, I can log into the game. BUT WAIT, my avatar doesn't show up on the character selection screen. That's kind of strange. Click on the "enter...
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    new error type after getting past install pre-req's

    I'm getting a different type of error. I keep getting the install pre-req's error no matter what I try, but every so often it will kick through and start to download some new stuff,...
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    made some progress on this

    This appears to be some sort of graphics issue. Was looking through this forum for other people suffering from the non-launcher issue and was reminded that there's an options menu...
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    not a launcher download issue

    Having the same problem as most in this thread. Start up the game, log in to my account, see the server list, click on home server, hit play, launcher disappears, "game" window pops up, it thinks...
  11. Comcast - Chicago downtownish area I can...

    Comcast - Chicago downtownish area

    I can log-in but when I select a character and try to actually load into the game, the connection times out.
    Last night I was able to log in some toons but as...
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    Scribe a new ending broken

    Am I missing something or does Scribe a new Ending not work all of the time? You look at the tool tip and it doesn't say anything about a "chance" of removing a debuff like you see with a...
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    say goodbye to your flexibility

    The one I really see with the restrictions of trees is the loose of flexibility in group play. Right now there are no restrictions in terms slotting class traits once you get them. As many people...
  14. Bump bump

    So, the recruiting drive is going reasonably well, we've picked up a couple of good recruits, but we are still looking for some more folks!!

    The expansion is almost out, so if you are looking for...
  15. let's get the order right

    Bumping thread to get the more current one listed first.

    We've gotten a couple of good leads on some new members, but we are still looking for more folks to bolster our ranks. If you looking for...
  16. check your in box

    Check your LOTRO forums in box for my reply.
  17. The SECOND ever Rimsilval Recruitment Thread

    Time for the Second ever Rimsilval Recruitment Thread!!

    With the upcoming Riders of Rohan expansion, its time to get a little new blood in to our Kinship and re-invigorate it as well!!!

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    The rotation that I use

    Here is the rotation I normally use in combat. I like it in that I always have PIPS, don't really have cool down issues, I keep rend and 2nd wind up, and I don't need to trait the 5 PIP battle...
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    Re: Reason For Leaving LotRo

    Here's a question for you, have you noticed a difference in your hit rate between you're two guards? It seems like you have one developed for pure tanking / damage absorbtion and one for DPS. If...
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    Re: Any Sign of Patch Notes Yet?

    Haven't seen the patch notes yet, but I know my game was patching a couple of mins ok. I was at about 100 out of 4250 files download when I went away to finish getting ready this morning and when I...
  21. Two kinships looking for a 3rd to complete our Raiding group!

    Now that Isengard has been opened to exploration by the brave deeds of the Grey Company, what better way to help them complete their quest to aid the Fellowship than by cleaning out the dungeons...
  22. The First Ever Rimsilval Kinship Recruiting Thread!!!

    The First Ever Rimsilval Kinship Recruiting Thread!!!

    So with the re-invigoration that the RoI expansion brings to LOTRO, its time to get a little new blood in to our Kinship and re-invigorate it...
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