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    No to the Bow!

    No to the Bow!
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    Could be but as I was able to add the card to my...

    Could be but as I was able to add the card to my other account (finally) I am doubting it is some type of fraud detection. I guess I am calling on Tuesday :)
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    Unable to Add/Update Card on account.

    I have tried to purchase TP since last night and all I get is a blank listing for the CC. I've tried to add multiple cards to the account but to no avail. I've used both in game store and account...
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    Vyvyanne, I have Elf-Captain notes from way...


    I have Elf-Captain notes from way back in 2007 that one were supposed to be used by Scholars. Will these transfer or will they be sucked into the Void? I have items (Armour, Weapons,...
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    It says 24-30 in the article but that would probably be ND or TS. Guess I'll have...
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    Quarterly Wallpaper

    Do we have a Jul-Aug-Sep Wallpaper coming soon? Was just wondering.
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    Add me to the list also. Getting ready to file a...

    Add me to the list also. Getting ready to file a /bug to see if we can get attention.

    I've tried with/without auto server selection, rebooted, and checked firewall.
  8. With today update does your antivirus program...

    With today update does your antivirus program need new permissions for lotro?
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    I gave up raiding after MoM and before Mirk was...

    I gave up raiding after MoM and before Mirk was released. I enjoy solo play and will explain:

    1) I play this game to have fun and for me waiting around for 30 minutes so everyone can get...
  10. I don't think you can apply the code yourself but...

    I don't think you can apply the code yourself but account support may be able to place it on your account. I would give them a call to find out. IIRC doesn't that addition give RK, WRD, a few...
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    Re: Changing Crafting

    I have two thoughts on this

    1) Change to Tinker - You will still be able to cook but will lose the farming aspect. Rings, bracelets, etc have been selling well on my server so you can make some...
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    Re: ROI Woodworker


    Something in the order of that for T7 would be great. Truly sad part is that since it's an Xbow it can only be used by Guardians as Champs...
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    Re: When can I expect Update 5?

    Very true, especially since F2P has arrived. If you do not have a monthly fee you can come and go as you wish and don't feel that you are wasting money. When enough new content arrives you return...
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    Lottery of the Stalwart

    I think that they ran two of these lotteries but were the prizes for on a bit off?

    I had a level 62 Hunter win and she received 600s, Teir 3 Relic, Teir 4 Relic, and something else. Yet my level...
  15. Re: Easy questions. AH, bank, why I keep dying.

    Until the next update some of those items are not bound when they come out of the box. This means they can either be sold or placed into common storage to be shared. I've sold my fast travel ones...
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    Re: Why Trait Slots Should Be Free

    I get what your saying but people come and go all the time. Over the years we have heard about the "Lotro" killers. AoC, WAR, and STO and next up SWTOR.

    Many of us here play because it's ME. ...
  17. Re: Im just wondering if this is normal or not? New player..

    No it's not normal and don't go messing up your router and/or firewall. Something is up with the login servers for the worlds. Big ol' thread on it last night also. I suspect it has something to...
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    Re: reforged legendary weapons

    That is only used in the Level 65 reforged LI's. If they are truly making a Level 60 then they just need the Infused, a couple of stand bow ingredients, and Legendary Shards. Make certain they are...
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    Re: Connection Failed: Server Full.

    Same thing happening for me. Searches for login server and then throw the Server Full message. Still not getting in after about 10 attempts.
  20. Re: We knew it was coming....Tier 5 tomes in store

    Stroll down to the Bree Housing instance...enter the Herbooke instance and walk down the street. Stop at the first split in the road. Look at the house that sits on that split..owned by Halmonn. ...
  21. Re: We knew it was coming....Tier 5 tomes in store

    It is always sad to see that happen. I do believe the "move on" comment was directed towards the Podcast and MoB and not LOTRO. That is why I posted his comment up. I was unable to listen or...
  22. Re: We knew it was coming....Tier 5 tomes in store

    Try the AH, ask them to up the drop rate, make them tradeable for skirm marks and Superiors, etc....

    I see no unfairness. Either grind for it or don't. The store option is there but you don't...
  23. Re: We knew it was coming....Tier 5 tomes in store

    Did you notice the comment:
  24. Re: We knew it was coming....Tier 5 tomes in store

    Care to try against me?
    Joine date: Feb 2007/Founder
    Second account: 2008/Founder Invite

    What history? Turbine has always stated that they ease the restrictions on items as time...
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    Re: Developers Don't Cook Apparently

    Why did it change? I think it is probably to add the requirement of farmed ingredients back into cooking. Why is it barley? Farmers could grow that already so it was a simple change.

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