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    Re: Any way to purchase RoI with Turbine pts???

    As a lifetime subscriber, I was told when F2P launched that I could use my turbine points to purchase expansions. If I saved my turbine points, I would never have to pay for another expansion again....
  2. Re: 65 Captain Named Immortel looking to join raiding kin

    Check the name of the thread :)

    Although Immortel might want to post this in the kinships section.
  3. Re: Aure Entuluva: Good times with good friends

    AE is about to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. Congrats to Aure Entuluva!
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    Re: Rune-Carved Tablet shortage

    IT would be really nice if there was a way to convert item we use less (like relics of KD) into rune carved tablets. Even if it was a 5-1 conversion, that would be fine. If that can't be done, it...
  5. Aure Entuluva: Good times with good friends

    Aure Entuluva is one of the oldest kinships on the server. We have a tradition of good times, good laughs and good groups. We are currently accepting new members, of all level ranges to help fill...
  6. Re: Latenchy/Lag Spike Issues since Sunday's server outages

    1. CT
    2. Comcast (50mb+ connection)

    Last night's lag was terrible. We were raiding DN, which we can almost do in our sleep now and had terrible lag problems causing the group to wipe multiple...
  7. Re: A little crazy? Aure Entuluva might be the place for you :)

    We've been playing tag back and forth in mail but I'm going to catch you online one of these days!

    EDIT: glad I finally caught up with you Teemusel! Welcome to Aure Entuluva!
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    Re: Introductions and Free Turbine Points

    Hello all. I'm Kristin on Windfola. I'm a member of one of the most awesome kinships on the server, Aure Entuluva.

    I started playing in beta and with the the exception of a short break right...
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    Re: Class Deeds question

    For my rez deed, I got a member of my kinship to sacrifice himself for me. I would cast EG, and he would click no to refuse the rez. Keep casting and refusing until you are maxed for the day. Rinse,...
  10. Re: A little crazy? Aure Entuluva might be the place for you :)

    Thanks Nae!

    We've got some great new members. We are currently working to get everyone gated through Helegrod so we can schedule the Dragon raid. We are having a blast with all the new content.
  11. A little crazy? Aure Entuluva might be the place for you :)

    Aure Entuluva has been around since the start of LOTRO. We have a great group of folks who enjoy playing together. I will be honest; we are a little nuts sometimes, but we are happy in our insanity....
  12. Re: SAPIENCE: "(Subscribers) will log in ahead of a free or premium player" ?

    I'm a lifetime subscriber, as is my husband. We both dropped $50 this weekend to purchase points in the store. Then my husband had to wait almost 30 minutes to log into Windfola this afternoon. This...
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