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  1. Another possible fix I came with is rebooting the...

    Another possible fix I came with is rebooting the router...
    Btw great improvement today. It only crashed once... Problem fixed? Perhaps?
  2. Getting "Server connection lost" on different occassions

    From the last maintenance update lotro keeps getting stuck on different loading screens. Usually when transitting locations. The loading screen pops-up but the loading doesn't start and after 2...
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    Limlight Gorge rep

    I just encountered an issue, which is a bit unfair I think...
    With the recent reduction of level range in Great river region (now is 70-75), there is nowhere to turn tasks now when you hit lvl 76......
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    Re: Ranged Offence

    The "of seeking" mini-set from Halls of night gives some little ranged offence
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