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    Stable mounts = crashed

    it seems that almost every time I take a stable horse somewhere I crash or if I am riding my war horse I crash... otherwise I seldom crash.
    Especially when I take a fast travel stable I can...
  2. Bullroarer unable to download - Win 10 Edge

    I had a heck of a time trying to get Win10 to download bullroarer until I realized that edge might be the barrier.
    Seems stupid Edge could not find an "app" to open the download.
    But Explorer...
  3. NOPE, in game ticket help is just as terrible as...

    NOPE, in game ticket help is just as terrible as email contact. Been waiting a week for an issue that takes 4 minutes to resolve.

    I do not know what the people who are supposed to monitor...
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    You can not call it "service" when it takes days...

    You can not call it "service" when it takes days and even weeks to resolve issues that require 5 minutes of a GM's time.

    Perhaps changing the title of this thread to Standing Stone Games...
  5. customer service non existent

    My ticket has been outstanding for a week now.

    Yet all that is required of the GM is a couple of minutes to help correct a npc item barter issue.
    I have emailed standing stone numerous times...
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    Attack at Dawn Skirmish

    Anyone else not getting the encounters?

    have done this skirm dozens of times, duo and solo and the 'encounter' side quests seem to broken.
    Sometimes you get ONLY one encounter and other...
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    not at all. Hobinobi generally requires such...

    not at all. Hobinobi generally requires such strategy. not sure it counts a s a festive, and no rare drops there either.
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    FESTIVAL Bots and Multi Boxing

    Just wondering how others feel about competing with bots and multi boxers in the various festival events, particularly those
    that involve rare drop items? I find them tedious and annoying.
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    Unfortunately none of the above response helps......

    Unfortunately none of the above response helps... in fact the reply mostly amplifies the problems while only offering token explanations
    for why the problems continue month after month and year...
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    The PROBLEM with "problems"

    There is no doubt that LOTRO has a large following of players, most of whom have simply learned
    that waiting an hour or even days to get a GM to respond to a ticket is "normal". Or that going to...
  11. Yes he has already done the 4/4 dailies ... not...

    Yes he has already done the 4/4 dailies ... not sure which of the quests i ran on this character firsty....
    but had to do gandalf's noxious plants to get last 2 quests done..
    When it completed...
  12. Can not see or use herbalist - can not get daily quests

    The title says it all.... Henneth Annun herbalists at Henneth Annûn: 48.2S, 8.1W' is not visible... no rings.. no quests...
    but ONLY for one character... all my other characters have no problem...
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    VIP gold cap?

    I am a lifetime subscriber and have suddenly found that my characters now have a gold cap. I was over 12,000 gold on my AH character just a couple of months ago.
    Now all characters have a gold...
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    Logout failures

    Please do something about the logout failures. Character is standing still, in friendly area, logout countdown goes right to zero and character is left standing there. Another logout right after...
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    Transgendering characters

    There are times when a character we are playing seems more female than male, or more male than female.
    Not sure if it comes from the setup, the attire or simply a subconscious, yet compelling need...
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    it seems not all servers are equal :(

    it seems not all servers are equal :(
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    While i was unable to log in to Arkenstone...

    While i was unable to log in to Arkenstone yesterday until after 10 pm, i was pleased to see that the change had gone so well and there were very few
    lag issues.

    But today logging in was a...
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    While it took till after 10 p.m. to get in the...

    While it took till after 10 p.m. to get in the game yesterday, once in i had a couple of hours of lag free gaming and was pleased that the
    update seemed to be trouble free and gameplay was so...
  19. tech support

    I went to the bottom of the forums page and clicked PC tech support, followed the suggestions for hours with no resolution.

    submitted a ticket and outlined the problem and attempted solutions...
  20. Cannot connect

    can log in
    get to worlds
    select arkenstone
    hourglass for a few secs
    and then desktop
    no msg, no failure, no indication whatsoever

    tried turning off firewall and anti-virus = no go
  21. it's also a holiday in Canada but since we don't...

    it's also a holiday in Canada but since we don't see the same amount of distress coming from Canadians regarding the down time it seems safe to assume that Canadians may actually have lives to...
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    Suck it up folks

    No one likes to be inconvenienced and there is no doubt that Lotro players all over the world have been inconvenienced. However, all those players experienced was the opportunity to fritter away in...
  23. re:character transfers

    any news on when we can once again copy characters between worlds??
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    Rohan storm watch

    Full marks to those who developed the lightning storms around Snowbourn. The rain, the lightning and the dark ominous clouds only help accent the thunder claps that cause the occassional player to...
  25. Thread: congrats

    by crushemall


    I know there have been lots of feedback this week but i thought i would offer up my own views for what they are worth.
    Having been in a few of the beta builds this round and now experiencing the...
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