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    Well, I wouldn't go that far. Glorfindel was...

    Well, I wouldn't go that far. Glorfindel was badass for sure. But he fell fighting an unnamed Balrog during the fall of Gondolin, then was sent back by Mandos. Still an obscenely awesome feat, the...
  2. Here's hoping for (suggesting) a great Mordor Expansion with Level Cap Raise

    First, I'd like to compliment the LOTRO team for a fantastic job on the last few free updates. All of Gondor has been a pleasure to go through. I was especially impressed with the detail of Minas...
  3. I respect the opinions of those that want no...

    I respect the opinions of those that want no levels added, but I sure can't understand it. There has been more than enough time to develop current characters. In fact I have developed several...
  4. Reply to Gromit1710

    I stated my opinion and it is valid. Just as valid as yours. I've been around since the beginning, so you listing all the neat stuff I can do with a toon is unnecessary.

    Please don't assume things...
  5. No additional levels, and Beornings from level 1

    First of all, I wanted another rise in the level cap from 100 to 105. The new direction of the game is obviously one that does NOT include raids and so forth. And I'm perfectly fine with that. But...
  6. Maybe I've missed some of them that are...

    Maybe I've missed some of them that are different. My main is a hunter, and everything is virtually identical.

    Good point though on everything being Rohirric. That makes sense.
  7. Cosmetic Appearance - Legendary Weapons Level 86 - 95 (and 2nd Age?)

    I'm curious as to why the HD legendary weapons (86-95) have the same cosmetic appearance as the ones from the last expansion. For me, that lessens the fun of getting new weapons quite a lot.

  8. I've already stated my strong dislike for the new...

    I've already stated my strong dislike for the new system in other threads. My main is a hunter, level 92 so far - I feel the class has been absolutely ruined by the trait tree, forcing me into 1 of 3...
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    Hunter class is ruined with the HD expansion

    Hello all,

    I hope I am not alone in this opinion; I didn't see any similar threads to this one.

    I am so upset with the changes to Hunter via the new trait system! This class has been my main...
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    Disappointing animation

    I have a good friend the plays LM as his main, and just came back to the game after a break of a few months... the first thing he said was "What's up with the combat animation?"

    He dislikes it...
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    Sticky: No Agile Rejoinder??

    The loss of Agile Rejoinder on top of your other changes makes me feel ill...

    I am sure a lot of thought went into this big revamp of the Hunter. Perhaps it looks really nice on paper. However,...
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    To Whheydt Thanks for the lengthy response,...

    To Whheydt

    Thanks for the lengthy response, but I know most of what you took the time to explain, I just didn't care to go all technical. My point was simply that critical systems are protected...
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    Power Outage?

    I can't believe they could lose power... I thought all databases had backup power generators, with battery in between to protect against this.

    Last night when things went awry, my game froze, then...
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    I was getting the 33% error earlier. Now I cannot...

    I was getting the 33% error earlier. Now I cannot get farther than "Initializing..."

    This seems typical, considering the changes they made to the launcher. I wish they would have saved those types...
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    Re: Public apology to Drizztofdrow.

    Any player should know that you don't just waltz up and take the contents of any chest that is nearby someone else that is killing the area's mobs. Doesn't matter if the chest is "special" or not. ...
  16. Re: 5th Anniversary Gifts - Not rewarding the most loyal, just the oldest.

    Frisco, the sarcasm in your logic makes zero sense. Rounding people that are near to the next "year" tier is a good idea in my opinion, if they are closer to say 3 years than two years.

  17. Re: 5th Anniversary Gifts - Not rewarding the most loyal, just the oldest.


    I want to make a request. I subscribed to LOTRO in July of 2007. As it stands, I will miss getting the 5-year Anniversary Reward by only a few days, since your separation date between 4...
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    Re: Why only a level cap to 70 for Isengard?

    You make some good points. Personally I wouldn't mind being level 100 or whatever as long as the game continues to scale with us. But I suppose I'd be happy with 5 levels to the cap if it isn't as...
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    Why only a level cap to 70 for Isengard?

    First, I apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere. I did a search and got nothing...

    Am I the only one whose heart sank when they learned that after all the wait we will have for Isengard...
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