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  1. Fairly new player here looking to "step up" my account...

    So I've been playing LOTRO now for about a month and I LOVE IT. But, I'm kinda torn between two options in order to enhance my LOTRO experience. Should I get the Mithril Edition? Or should I just get...
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    Says I'm a premium player. I used a wal mart gift...

    Says I'm a premium player. I used a wal mart gift debit card I got over Christmas, think there wasn't enough money left on it when I upgraded to VIP?
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    Weird problem with VIP

    So yesterday I bought a 1 month VIP subscription and it worked great, but today I logged on and I don't have it... What's wrong here?
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    Same problem here as well.

    Same problem here as well.
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    Same problem here. Need to spread the word on...

    Same problem here. Need to spread the word on this so Turbine can fix.
  6. Best way to get a matching set of armor with good stats?

    Crafting? AH? I'm lvl 23 Man-Hunter and I'm growing rather tired of having mis-matched armor with random stats.. Thanks!
  7. Can mounts be bought in the LOTRO store?

    Simple question :) I have a looot of TP to burn.
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    I can get a refund for this, right?

    So I bought some points today, so much so that I don't need all them. I sent a refund email-thingy to Turbine so hopefully it'll all work out. I only bought the Riding Skill in hopes I could use...
  9. Problem with the "Unwanted Guest" quest

    So I defeated the giant spider that Admir unleashed on me, talked to the dying ranger who told me to go to Bree's prancing pony to talk to his leader. But when I go to the strider in the room,...
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