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  1. the shire theather society

    Hello i am Topaselia from the Shire theather society and my kinship is looking for recruits, we are a small sized kinship and we need one more member or we will be disbanded. We are mostly Role...
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    Join the Shire theather society now!!!

    -we need the numbers as we have just founded the kinship.
    -we are a hospital and friendly kin.
    -you might become a theater star

    what do we do?
    We organize theater plays with which we...
  3. Hey

    hey i also just came back to LOTRO and i saw your post and thought maybe we could make a new kinship ourselves with my little brother who is also just back to LOTRO. I live in france so that's GMT+1...
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    The dalish elves

    not so long ago, about 500 years, Orlesia telrunya left Rivendell for edhellion in her search for lore and wisdom. The road was lonely and dangerous but her animal companions kept her safe and...
  5. Thread: cosmetics

    by Orlesia


    Yeah i totally understand what you mean i also found it a pity that the male elves have a lot of accesoires in their hair and that the female elves have almost none.
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