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    Re: Are Houses useful in any way?

    When you get to a certain level in the game there is nothing better to waste your money on because there really is not anything left to purchase. I haven't played in almost a year and only login...
  2. Re: Don't plug your computer into a non grounded outlet!

    The best piece of advice that I could give based on living in an older non grounded house is to make sure the new computer has a decent, well known power supply and start from there. The absolute...
  3. Re: I bought Mirkwood expansion on veteran's day ,50% off but now its even cheaper

    You should have either paid attention or had an economics class. Nothing will ever stay the same price. Old items get replaced by new ones. Sale prices regenerate interest in products with slipping...
  4. Thread: My Thoughts

    by PVL64

    Re: So disgusted and disappointed I don't want to log in.

    Turbine tried something new to change things up. Good idea but it didn't work for me. I played the first day and had no desire to go back at all like previous years. Not everything they add to the...
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    Re: How do I upgrade to a larger house.

    I don't know if it is still in place but there used to be a waiting period after you sold a house before you could purchase a new one. I can't remember the length but I want to say it is 24 hrs.
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    Re: We Can Die in the Festival Town?

    I don't know how many times that has happened to me, and the last several characters it was my first death in the early 30's. Any easy death in the Dwarf/Elf starter instance when you are finishing...
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    Re: We Can Die in the Festival Town?

    All of the festivals had a potential place that was challenging to a lower level. Just getting to some of the festivals could draw aggro, like Bree. If there is no risk, why even play. It's just a...
  8. Re: Follow us on Twitter for your chance to win free Turbine Points!

    Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and all the rest are pointless garbage that people have wasted their devoted internet lives on by the scams and promises of love and riches. These people have made BILLIONS...
  9. Re: Having Steed of Night =/= that anyone PAID MONEY FOR IT

    Threads like this make me laugh. If you ever used TP at all for anything in the game then you are a hypocrite and should get a life and stop worrying about how other people spend their money. If you...
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    Re: I don't have a CNTRL key.

    Not to mention a shortcut on the toolbar too. The many in game adds, login ads yadda yadda yadda, OK Turbine we know, we know. I also get tired of every single time I complete a deed or something...
  11. Thread: Blind Invites

    by PVL64

    Re: Blind Invites

    Blind invites are one of the most rude acts done in this game, at least for me. It ranks right up there with node jumping while you are obviously killing the mob next to it. Is it that hard to take...
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    Re: Has anyone thought of putting Lembas in game?

    Until the introduction of tier 6 Lembas was the prized food source since it was added to the game. I recall a couple years ago kin members paying top dollar for the ingredients to have a stack made...
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    Re: Restart Required?????

    This has happened in past patches and goes away in time. Either they fix it on their side or it could be a login server issue with so many downloading the patch. Without offering us to pre patch as...
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    Re: What should I buy with my TP's?

    I would save them until you have around 2500-3000 for the upcoming expansion. It gives you plenty of time to make it a free addition. Anything over that amount spend on things you can't buy in the...
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    Re: What EXACTLY is the Elf "Starting Area?"

    If you had ever created a man or hobbit before the launch of f2p then you know how the starting storyline has changed quite a bit. This is the very first instance after you create a new character. It...
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    Re: Isengard expansion free?

    According to the article the ONLY way the xpac will be available is through the online store. It is just silly to get all dramatic over a release that is still at least 9-10 months away. My guess,...
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    Re: Are the servers down? (Nov16,2010; 7PM)

    No go here at 8pm pst Server checker shows them up so it may just be the login server.

    Just got in 8:15. Sometimes my launcher can hang and I have to shut it all the way down or even reboot my...
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    Re: Paid Subscription Benefits?

    I'm curious to see if the VIP accounts will continue to get free content updates like we have in the past or should we start hoarding our points now to pay for future additions.
  19. Re: Problems with skill execution on characters now - has anyone else experienced thi

    The issue that I have is not just with skills but also targeting if I have more than one mob. I can be damaging one and hit the tab key to switch to the next target and it is clearly highlighted and...
  20. Re: What is the point of random wandering names in game?

    The named mobs at one point all had significance. In the beginning quite a few of them dropped an ingredient that was needed to make a rare crafting item. The boar behind the Lonelands Inn was...
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    Re: Turbine Point Cards

    Turbine cards give you 600 points for $10 and that includes the "free 150 points". VIP membership for 30 days is $9.99 and you get 500 points. Seems like a no brainer which is the smarter way to go...
  22. Re: Moria Xpac doesn't give 2 extra class slots after update?

    It also states in the TOS included in that box they reserve the right to change things at any time due to development etc. yadda yadda. My advice is that if you have the box to activate it now before...
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    Re: Riddermark full? or down?

    I get the message that the server is down and then log right back and it goes through.
  24. Re: Moria Xpac doesn't give 2 extra class slots after update?

    It'd always been UNfinished, they just had to reword it to make it very easy to understand for those who have not tested since beta and understood what was going on. Generally though, in the past...
  25. Re: Moria Xpac doesn't give 2 extra class slots after update?

    They may just be changing it like they did a lot of other things in that update. I have my 9 slots and when Turbine decided to bill me 2 days before my normal date for the last several years I didn't...
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