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    thanks for the info reason i didnt use pay pal...

    thanks for the info reason i didnt use pay pal cuz it didnt work for some reason when i tried to attach my pay pal acount but i think i will cancel current card...
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    credit removeval

    i have a problem removing my credit card from my lotro account i have sent several tickets and have not got any submitting e mail or any other e mails consering the situation at all this is my...
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    Sticky: Trubine,VIP?

    why am i paying to play this game? i cant even logg in now every update is more bugged more lagg, i love the game but fix ur sht turbine making way to much money to not be fixing thees problems i...
  4. am spending money!!!

    this problem needs to be resolved and given an better explanation!!!
    some players like my self spend lots on this game and would like to be given more info than full sever! update fix!
    and i cant...
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