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    What server are you on. If your on brandywine I...

    What server are you on. If your on brandywine I can help.

    Each vocation has a 'purpose' usually made up of 2 main crafting professions with a bonus 3rd craft. Here's a little list of what...
  2. Well seems we broke 20k now. Time to bump the...

    Well seems we broke 20k now. Time to bump the goal. Wonder what will be done if we beat that 27.5k goal. Hmmmm

    And Lashmore its not anything bad if you donated to another charity. Its your...
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    I have to agree. Nothing about the cloak SCREAMS...

    I have to agree. Nothing about the cloak SCREAMS earth. Its not a flag its not some map or land mark. Its a horse / unicorn head in a laurel with a small banner of runes. We as humans in the real...
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Lore...

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Lore masters main 'drawback' is inductions (least for me) so you want a class who can handle keeping what ISN'T CC'ed focused on them so captain or warden...
  5. Re: Herding to ... griefing - plea to make it stop.

    Ive had it happen to me thankfully their timer ran out as they were taking my second kill. its pretty annoying when you want to complete all the quests for the titles as soon as possible when the...
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    Re: The Horsefields Derby

    Wow failed the quest yesterday log on today to try again once the cooler finished and i cant do the derby quest anymore. its no longer there. Anyone else have that?
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    Re: The Horsefields Derby

    Wow didn't realize the timer started before you clicked the horse so i stupidly took time to READ the quest. >_< shame on me. JUUUUST fell short. well 2 hours to wait.
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    Re: Good skirmish soldier for LM

    Leveling Id say a defender. LM have pretty good survivability thanks to flanks least i seem to so I don't have need of a healer (and if things don't hit you you don't need one anyway XD). A pet and a...
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    Re: Why do you play the Captain?

    Im not end game YET but I'm half way there but I figure it counts since new captains wont start at cap they still need to level.

    I -LOVE- being that 'OH SHOOT" class. Tanks running low on health...
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    Re: What duos well with a captain?

    Sadly haven't really gotten to endgame to see the realy hard bosses so i cant really comment on that (though suppose it is possible for it to have that flaw later on. specially with burg & cappy)...
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    Re: What duos well with a captain?

    Captains are the group class. Give them ANYONE and it'll work well with them, but as for BEST my vote is on lore master. They are vertically just like captains inverted mirror image.

    The captains...
  12. Re: Charisma and ungated defeat responses. A fix to many things

    I'm not going to pretend to know all the mechanics of captain. I opened my post by saying I didn't think it was worth dev time. I don't see how bringing up my level somehow makes changes that. You...
  13. Re: Charisma and ungated defeat responses. A fix to many things

    I rank ideas if I feel it necessary for Turbine to waste time and money and man power for the fix or if the problem is even a problem to begin with or just a 'I would prefer' issue. This seems to be...
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    Re: what OTHER class did you all like? (as an alt)

    ^^^THIS ^^^

    Though I guess it all depends on what you want on your alt. The main 2 choices I'd think are Burg and Cappy.

    I play a Cappy for the reasons listed above. I love the micromanaging...
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    Re: Summoning Pet Animation

    Honestly I'd like a summon horn as well or even a whistle (even if I'd feel bad summoning in town since I know before I swapped to cappy I hated when people used make haste anywhere in my general...
  16. Re: Why is asking a hunter to cc like insulting his mother?

    With a lore master main I don't blame hunters for not wanting to CC. CC is the most -AGGRAVATING- thing to do in game i go on my hunter to avoid that aggrvation. Its like a stunned/dazed/rotted mob...
  17. Thread: The Group Pets.

    by Reneko

    Re: The Group Pets.

    Only think I can add with a level 37 LM. Lynx has a pretty nice AOE frontal arc attack it gains and becomes a bit better of a DPSer
    With the LARGE burst damage at the start tends to be a good pet...
  18. Thread: Skill costs.

    by Reneko

    Re: Skill costs.

    Some of the spells mention black powder and causing explosions.
    Lore masters are pyrotechnics of middle earth (Gandalfs Fireworks anyone)... But were using our hands not rocket laundhers and sticks...
  19. Thread: Change my rock!

    by Reneko

    Re: Change my rock!

    I am ALL for adding a cosmetic to the stone as well as possibly a DOT instead of only a HOT. because damage and heals are the main points of a RK. So it makes sence.

    -BUT- I will say I am...
  20. Re: Lore-master's, a little common courtesy please!

    Honestly releasing your pet and bringing it back out once isn't a problem but some people do multiple short trips often or at least visit towns once or twice a day. THAT'S when its a hassle. It be...
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    Re: Retuning the Archer DPS

    Though I do agree with some points that the archer should have some wicked DPS for the buffs we loose. I don't really think Cappy pets and LM pets should be compared. A captain without a herald still...
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    Re: Leveling a Lore Master

    Probably do quests way over your level. you get a LOT of exp for it. at 34 I remember handing in some rivendell quests and getting 3,000 for each. In a few levels the mass oat barton farm quests...
  23. Re: Lore-master's, a little common courtesy please!

    I tend to run with a linx for the sheer ease of knowing it wont aggro everything but if I felt the need to keep a raven out I'd rather not have to un-summon, do some quick sales, Re-sommon then put...
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    Re: What other classes do Captains play?

    Lore master.

    I play more for the social aspect so support classes are great for me. I don't like being center stage so Its nice to know what I do helps others do what they do better. Be it...
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    Re: Dumb things you've done when first playing LOTRO?

    I cant wait to reach this 'famous' well. Only level 35 at highest so not at the point yet but when I do ill probably wind falling in by accident with all the warning. or do what you did and just...
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