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    High Elf Base Passives?

    Sorry if this is posted somewhere else and I just missed it while I was looking, but does anyone know why the High Elf race doesn't have any base racial passive traits? Granted, the ones for the...
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the...

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the empowerment scrolls already in the store? I guess I don't understand what's really changed, other than LI's are becoming more powerful, so to unlock their...
  3. Does anyone else feel that Feral is much, much...

    Does anyone else feel that Feral is much, much too weak to be a capstone trait? True, all of those bonuses together would be fairly powerful, but you only actually get to use one at a time,...
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    A few things. First, I like the idea of Noble...

    A few things. First, I like the idea of Noble Savage buffing each pet in a different way. But I would change the lynxs' to something like - re-enters stealth on devastating critical. And then give...
  5. Well for one thing, you have to remember that the...

    Well for one thing, you have to remember that the Balrog had driven the dwarves out about 1000 years ago, in 1980 of the Third Age. Even for dwarves, that's a long time ago, especially in a...
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    Well, I've read this thread (and others like it...

    Well, I've read this thread (and others like it over the years) with great interest, and it seems to me that the self-appointed defenders of the lore in these threads take a lot for granted. For...
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    Responding to the whole "if it's not in the...

    Responding to the whole "if it's not in the books, or it contradicts something in the books it's a lorebreak" point of view. What's important to remember, is that, within the lore, the only real...
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    Tolkien should be the highest authority on these...

    Tolkien should be the highest authority on these subjects, absolutely, and I think this hierarchy of canon when there's contradiction is probably correct, as far as it goes. What we're talking about...
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    Hmmm, seems to be back up. Or at least it seems...

    Hmmm, seems to be back up. Or at least it seems to be letting me log in.
  10. Add a Title For People Who Make the Climb

    At least so I'll feel less silly for wasting an hour on it. I'm talking about the big lighthouse/watchtower behind the mead hall in Eaworth. I noticed somehow that there was a little road leading...
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    My understanding is that your character's...

    My understanding is that your character's equipped traits have no effect while you're mounted. It's your war mount's equipped traits that are effective. Not 100% on that, but that's my...
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    Re: Character Advancement Boost for RoR!

    Here we go...

    Traits: We need more.

    We got our last trait slot at level 60. When the level cap becomes 85, that will have been 25 levels ago. A large part of me, at least, feeling kind of...
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    Character Advancement Boost for RoR!

    What I'm talking about here is that feeling you got in Shadows of Angmar once you'd unlocked all your traits, got your legendaries, and started kicking Mordirith around on a regular basis. Or when...
  14. Re: Lore-master official class update feedback

    Class: Loremaster

    Name 3 things about your class you feel could be improved.

    1 Pets are simply too weak, especially legendary pets, especially when KOA traited

    2 AM and KOA trait bonuses...
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    Re: Limrafn Post-Update 5

    This sounds like, generally, a nice update to the limrafn pet. It falls short of usability still, however, for one simple reason: a pet that cannot generate flanks is not useful as a healing pet as...
  16. Re: Calling all Lore-masters - Limrafn YAY or NAY!

    Cross-posted to Loremaster Feedback Thread.

    I'm pretty happy with the LM changes overall. Be nice to have more, but that's always the case. The one exception to my relative happiness is our...
  17. Re: 4th Legendary and 8th Class Trait Slot

    Yeah, I don't really understand the argument here. Turbine's kind of set a precedent that every few levels we get a new trait slot of some kind. I don't think anyone questions that this would have...
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    Re: Inner Flame

    Couple of things to add. Yes, in the pre-expansion days, during Shadows of Angmar, Inner Flame was incredibly useless. It's tooltip was so enticing, but then it's actual performance disappointed. ...
  19. Re: New LM set WoW: never expected this :D

    Yes, we're all assuming that the aoe flank heals will be 1:1 ratio with our normal flanks. What if the AOE is only some percentage of what we normally get from our flank heals? Although honestly,...
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    Re: The new LM set.

    You're not necessarily trying to use Lightning Storm twice on the same pull with this new set. The point is, Lightning Storm has a 5 minute cooldown. If you crit Test of Will in the next pull,...
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    Re: Lore-master healing

    We've started discussing the idea of a healing pet over in the new pet thread.

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    Re: New pet at level 70

    I love, love, love the idea of a healing pet. Maybe two healing pets! A regular healing pet at level 66 and then a legendary healing pet at level 70? Take the bonuses from the new raid armour set,...
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    Re: The enemy has unity problems?

    The enemy has massive, gigantic, fatal unity problems. This is actually one of Tolkien's big themes, that evil, in the end, is it's own worst enemy. The Lord of the Rings itself is full of examples...
  24. Re: Loremaster Patch Notes for Monday November 29th

    The warding circles are AOE hotspots. I don't think they CAN be resisted.
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