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  1. ore and wood show in crafting panel but not bags.

    I started collecting ore and wood for the first time in a long time today. I was near Thingilad working towards finishing book6 and the various quests in the area. Decided to pick up some skarn and...
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    Re: [Undamaged White-Wolf Corpse]=myth?

    It's not a myth. I have one. It took considerably more than 10 wolves to get it, though. I'm also not sure if it actually came from Misty Mountains or if I acquired it in Forochel since I deeded the...
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    Re: Kinship Maintenance

    I believe it is 6 characters. They can all be on one account as I understand it. Some people create private kins just so they can buy kinship houses for the extra storage.

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    Re: no icons on mini map/radar

    You have filters in place. Right click the mini map then hover over filters on the shortcut menu. Things that will show on the map will have a check by their name. Click to an item to toggle.
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    Re: Has anything replaces Alt-Inventory?

    Never mind. I did a quick google search and realized you are referring to a LUA script plugin. Serves me right for not looking at which forum the my.lotro home page is sending me to when I...
  6. Re: win 7 64-bit ultimate - launcher not working (ddo as well)

    First.. make sure your copy of windows 7 is authentic and successfully validated. I have seen this problem on machines people bring to me for repair. All you can do in that case is buy a legal...
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    Re: moving your character

    There is no click to move ala neverwinter nights in this game. You can move entirely with the mouse but it is a bit tiring on the fingers. To do so use mouse look by holding down the right mouse...
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    Re: Login to forums error

    I get the same error. It makes me nervous that someone has hacked the forums and is capturing our login info. Time to change my account password and avoid the forums for awhile I guess.
  9. Re: Server Issues: September 12 Discussion Thread (Official Turbine Thread)

    1. It hasn't been 48 hours. I and several friends were playing just fine last night and I personally logged into three different servers. Yes there were a couple of lag spikes but it wasn't...
  10. Re: Server Issues: September 12 Discussion Thread (Official Turbine Thread)

    I have been in networking for 20 years and I agree with you. TO everyone else:

    The issues we are seeing this weekend HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH f2P!

    This is either a routing or physical...
  11. Re: Server Issues: September 12 Discussion Thread (Official Turbine Thread)

    The last time I saw this kind of traffic problem it turned out to be a VERY strange and undocumented incompatibility between the gigabit ports of a hardware firewall device and a Dell Powerconnect...
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