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    *unscheduled downtime*

    2 hrs and still it seems Turbine is asleep or away, what is the point in posting about the issue if no one is around to do the job required of them, or cares, hello, the customers are all the matter,...
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    Option 1: Original Code, there is no option 1, Option 2: From Scratch, costly, Option 3:Can It, winner!

    Unfortunately, Turbine didn't plan ahead for this kind of catastrophe, there is no 'original code' to go back to, the drive crashed hard, no backups/R.A.I.D., recovery would be too expensive to get...
  3. My 2 Mites!

    These responses seem all well and good on the surface, however there is no question answered over the incomplete product called Helm's Deep, in my opinion this expansion should have been delayed...
  4. Player Requests Ignored!

    Two items of special note which should be addressed now

    1) Placeholder Art for Westemnet Crafting, lets get the REAL art in the game!

    2) Epic Book ending movie shorts, where did they go for the...
  5. Error: Bounties Quests!

    There are 3 major hubs early on in the game, at the lake to the north in Bree-land, The Forsaken Inn, & in the Lone-lands southern bog, that provide repeatable quests called Bounties which offer...
  6. Not going to happen, no matter what!

    this thread has shown mud slinging from 2 sides sparring vs crafting! Both being legitimate activities in LotRO, the mud slinging will continue to be just that, mud slinging!

    Maybe a "The World is...
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    Sticky: your class' barter vendors unlock upon starting...

    your class' barter vendors unlock upon starting the rebuild process, then you probably already knew that, however to unlock ALL the class barter vendors in Hytbold you must FULLY rebuild Hytbold,...
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    Update to Horse Races?

    with 12.1 coming before Yule Fest will it be addressing the WarSteed buff/debuff that has been with the festival horse races since ROR went live last year? As it stands the races are almost too easy,...
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    for those slow to change...

    my thoughts:

    1) Since there were tons of class changes brought about for the future of this game, many players will feel hurt, in the beginning, I suggest players take it slow, we got a full year...
  10. ok, time for this hacker to hater rant, some...

    ok, time for this hacker to hater rant, some 'Black Hats' have no class, to run a Denial of Service attack on a charity is just rude, especially on game day!

    I hope the donation capability has...
  11. 101% goal and more

    Congrats, Rick, for raising over $40k to help the kids treated by BCH, mostly congrats to the whole community for the donations that will make children smile for generations, the true blessings of...
  12. Rap Vid suggester, new Vid suggestion, lol

    Since I suggested the original Idea for the Rap video, thought I might try to gain some traction with a new video song idea given to me by kinmates:

    for a future goal 30k+ a music video covering...
  13. Multi Instance problems errors

    When you open your client, in the top right hand corner click the down arrow and select options deselect allow multiple instances of the game, this happens when both the multiple instances and last...
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    Eastemnet boar slayer is deed gated, must already...

    Eastemnet boar slayer is deed gated, must already have Eriador's boar slayer completed, then kill the 30 boar in East Rohan, they both remain hidden deeds until completed!
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    Compare and Contrast

    Today I noticed another spreadsheet system for tracking deeds so I must ask the question. Which is the better one?

    1) This one for which I'm newly aware of or;

    2) Berry's Completionist Tracker...
  16. Player-to-Player Emote Spamming is noted in the...

    Player-to-Player Emote Spamming is noted in the above question, asking whether the spammer completes the deed when emoting other players, this is what is needed to be truly tested!
  17. Emote Deed Update!

    It can now be officially confirmed ALL emote deeds can be obtained from spamming the emotes on random NPC's! I completed the 200 emote deeds the other day this way, completing all the emote deeds! ...
  18. I see you corrected the Nud-Melek quest virtue,...

    I see you corrected the Nud-Melek quest virtue, however I noticed "Quests of Zelem-Melek" also give Fidelity in your tracker!
    Quests in Nud-melek = Fidelity, this is correct, for now!

    Quests in...
  19. Further Confirmation: Emote Deeds

    Last Night while doing my Hytbold dailies on my main I stopped in Cliving and achieved the deeds; Befuddling(/confused), Beloved(/kiss), Dull(/bored), and Victorious(/surrender) by doing the emotes...
  20. Confirm Emote Deeds

    Alluring(/flirt), Fire Breather(/cheer), Harassed(/beg), Helpful(/thank), Hero(/bow), Infuriating(/angry), Naughty(/scold), Ridiculed(/mock), Sword Salute(/salute), and Intimidating(/flirt; /cower),...
  21. When I was working my 85 champ through the Moria...

    When I was working my 85 champ through the Moria Revamp II, I noticed the same mechanics I seen in Rohan with the Wold Daily Slayer Quests, once you are over level of the enemies (grey & grey rings)...
  22. Completionist Tracker Updates/Corrections

    I had two major beefs, but now only one truly needs addressing if the other is going to be corrected!

    1) The transposed Vocation Titles which seems to be soon corrected, Thank You!

    2) The Emote...
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    Unrelated Error

    I noticed on the last several downloads of your Completionist Tracker that the crafting titles are incorrectly assigned, having 9 toons playing through the content it is too painfully obvious to me!...
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