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    Indeed...I was able to go to Little Delving as a...

    Indeed...I was able to go to Little Delving as a man and pick up the Prologue and do the Hobbit quest chain... it is the only way if you are not a Hobbit.
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    Greetings from The Rangers of Evendim

    We have some players that are in Arizona, we are rebuilding our kinship, but I think you would fit in with us....


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    Best to not try logging in, to avoid being part of the problem.

    If there are issues with logins, then everyone keeps trying and trying, continuing to fill up the login queue, because they are obsessed with this game(who isn't), it is best to take a deep breath...
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    Binding a herald to "Call to Arms"

    A Captain had shown me how to bind a herald to a particular Call to Arms..It is of great benefit and convenience to do this.

    For example

    Shield Maiden + Call to Arms: Herald of Hope ...
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    At this point there are rumors as you ask...

    At this point there are rumors as you ask around...Landy, Gladden. I think people will seed the servers with a few new characters acting as advanced scouts to get some direct experience on which to...
  6. If you are saying you cannot have two clients up...

    If you are saying you cannot have two clients up at once, yet can have one running, it may be your Ctrl O (Options) for running two clients at once may not be set.

    I have had no problem with...
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    "Stilling the Wade" bugged?

    OK I travel in an instance with Eowyn to Entwade to combat White Hand forces. We go to the front of the village facing the river with 5 other soldiers and the orcs start coming 3 by 3....for 15 min...
  8. I am reporting the behavior of Spur ON, for all...

    I am reporting the behavior of Spur ON, for all my toons with combat mounts it is broken... just speeds ahead with little control to turn... some 'fix' we had in 11.3 update
  9. Re: Vilya - Undying Legacy - Looking for Recruiters/Officers/Kinmates

    I am looking to reach you in game. Our Kins are going through the same thing. Let's have a discussion.
  10. Re: Vilya- Considering consolidation of Kinships

    I logged in with the wrong profile... here is who I am
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    Re: Captain/Hunter Ports Service

    What progress and growth has this idea made since April?

    I may ask my Kinship to participate. A Ranger should try to be available to help others.
  12. May 15th Rangers of Evendim celebrates it's forth year anniversary

    The leadership of The Rangers of Evendim wish to announce their 4th year anniversary this Saturday May 15th at 4:00pm.

    Please join us for a time of celebration at the Prancing Pony. Music and...
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