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  1. From Turbine's Official Roleplaying Name Policy,...

    From Turbine's Official Roleplaying Name Policy, for RP supported servers (of which Laurelin is one):

    'In order to facilitate an immersive roleplaying experience, all character names within...
  2. Re: Tirn ni Taur-nu-Fuin ~ A kinship and Mirkwood RP project

    I'd be interested in this too, although Mithglin (my Elven Loremaster) is currently only at level 22. I'm certainly aiming to get him to Mirkwood though.
    It sounds like a great idea - I think...
  3. Re: RP/lore Question concerning Rise Of Isengard for a Hobbit

    As a person who likes to roleplay a Shire hobbit according to how they are portrayed in the books, my character would definately think it -very- strange to see another hobbit dressed up in full...
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