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  1. Great Idea! I hope your looking at this Turbine!

    Great idea. I was planning on picking up some points after taxes came in and would love to drop a significant portion of my tax return on horsie stuff. :)
    I want to buy the Steed of the Captain...
  2. Agreed.

    I completely agree. I spent hours in there running around 'cause I loved it. It even spooked me once when a ghostly Gertheryg appeared behind me and started banging around some chains. It took me a...
  3. Agreed


    I completely agree. I've been looking enviously at the Rohivian women's hair styles for the last few weeks wishing I could don a similar style on my elf.
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    Sounds like fun!

    It's nice to see events and things happening in Arkenstone. I know we're one of the oldest servers, but we're also sooo quiet.
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    Dye Packs and Cosmetics

    I think the dye packs for equipment as well as the coat colors/patterns should all be available in game just like the barber is for the characters. I understand having the cosmetics in the...
  6. Warsteed equipment dyes- why have them at all.

    I haven't seen this issue brought up anywhere else, I might have missed it... after all, I didn't look very hard ^.^, but I thought I would put my two cents in.
    I would like to know why we can't use...
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