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    Same for me, and I'm someone who likes to finish...

    Same for me, and I'm someone who likes to finish all deeds possible. Nor do I have an incentive to do these deeds, as my burglar is very good without them.

    I like the burglar, a lot. I like to...
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    While I'm no Lotro dev, I can think of a solution...

    While I'm no Lotro dev, I can think of a solution to implement this with existing in-game mechanisms:
    - have the chests drop a "legendary quality barter item" instead of the armour/jewellery itself...
  3. Re: Raid leaders respond to ZCs question on bringing RKs

    As a raid leader, I prefer to have 2 minstrels as my main healers, not rune-keepers. As off-healers, rune-keepers and captains have each their advantages, so it depends on the fight.

    I usually...
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    Re: LI Scrolls, Legacies, Etc.

    If the legacy scrolls I have in my bank will be useless at level 75, my only option is to level LIs to 30 and apply one of these scrolls on each. Provided that deconstructing them after the update...
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    Re: Availability of RoI with TP

    As far as I can understand the situation:

    You can buy Rise of Isengard with MONEY:
    - anytime you want, today, on the 27th of September, next year
    - if you buy it before 27th of September, you...
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