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    Re: Spring festival rewards

    Are there any new items beyond the festival mount and cloaks? I've done the festival a couple of times. I've really not seen very many new things this time around?
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    Re: Anonymous, why do you use it?

    I generally use anonymous as means to give myself a little extra breathing room. I'm not overly fond of getting a tell as soon as log in sometimes, for example. Or sometimes there will just be...
  3. Re: All Lore-Master Raid in the Ettenmoors Saturday April 2

    *Grishsul begins digging himself a bomb shelter* xD
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    Re: Server is full

    Yay. VIP player, and can't get in? Good Job.
  5. Re: I fear for the worst, RP is becoming harder in Landroval.

    You must spread reputation around to other people before giving it to Pinktangerine again.



    IN any case, love you long time Kaen. <3 Well said.
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    Re: Characters who are in a Stealth mode.

    What people need to respect and realize there are two different kinds of RPer in this case. The kind that role-plays in the world and the kind that role-plays in the game world. Neither side is going...
  7. Re: A Grittier Bree and a Grimmer, Darker Middle-Earth

    It's something that was introduced recently to increase performance in high population areas. (i.e. Bree) Basically, when your in, say Bree, when the layering thing activates you won't see everyone...
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    Re: Characters who are in a Stealth mode.

    -> my two cents, as a burglar classed RPer....

    I almost never use stealth in RP. Because, for one thing invisible humans are not in the lore. And for what many have come to say too...it's hard to...
  9. Re: RP getting less and less immersive? and good RP becoming harder to find?

    My two coppers...

    To put it simply, yes. RP isn't what it used to be...in Bree. Like other posters have mentioned, and I'll mention in my own way, RP is largely moving away from Bree. Sure RP...
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    Re: Haunted Cellar A++++

    Loved it!! So much fun and thank you for the level of challenge! Designers of the Haunted Barrow pat yourselves on the back this was extremely well done! :D I will likely go back numerous times....
  11. Re: Most important question of the day: 'Low-trow' or 'laught-ro'?

    Most of my friends and I pronouce it "Low-trow". :)
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    Re: what ever happend to the good old roleplay

    Layering. 'Nuff said.

    But no really, all that rp is still out there. Just a matter of finding it or starting your own like it's been said. :)
  13. Re: Kinship rank - 3 months for a kin house - buying kinship rank?

    ^ These sum up my thoughts.

    Honestly, 3 months is not that long a wait and it's true that there's a wait for a reason. Besides if you want more instant gratification go play Farmville on...
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    Re: It's against the Eula to...

    It's against the EULA to pee on someone's f***ing rug! :cool:
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    Re: Make it easier to Loot mobs!


    ...dude...it's not that hard......

    But yeah, take one of the suggestions from a previous poster.
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    Re: It's against the Eula to...

    It's against the EULA to remind me of the babe.
    It's against the EULA to question what babe.
    It's against the EULA to confirm it's the babe with the power.
    It's against the EULA to question what...
  17. Re: New Content is great and the focus is required, but what about existing stuff?


    Agreed. Though moreso for new problems I've seen crop up as time passes. Like the wight near the entrance to the second half of the barrow-downs on Landroval. He is in midair, falling,...
  18. Re: Suggestion - New Server for Subscribers Only - Fix the Dumbing Down

    Soo...griefing and ruining someone else's time is just something you consider "another playstyle" that we shouldn't mind? It's not about anyone but the griefers needing to "learn how to play with...
  19. Re: Suggestion - New Server for Subscribers Only - Fix the Dumbing Down

    Agreed. I've heard some horror stories from some of my fellow RPers about people discussing ways to sufficiently annoy RPers into leaving Landroval. Not to mention stories of increased harassment to...
  20. Re: Suggestion - New Server for Subscribers Only - Fix the Dumbing Down

    While I agree that Turbine has really dumbed down much of the content and I hate that...I know also they are unlikely to make an exclusive server. It's been stated in the past that they are not going...
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    Re: Turn off grey mobs visibility option

    While I am also a lover of the wide open Wilds...I'm not sure about this suggestion. Doesn't seem inappropriately populated with grey mobs to me. The one thing I wouldn't mind though is if Turbine...
  22. Re: Ctrl + \ for Character Selection Screen?

    Wow, some people actually like the new one better? Well okay.

    Maybe an option to choose which selection screen you see. Cause frankly brilliant blue, giant start button, and the whole bit looks...
  23. Re: Ctrl + \ for Character Selection Screen?

    Seriously. The character selection screen is ugly. Can we at least be able to edit the size of stuff?

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    Fix Forum Reputation Window popup

    ^ That. It pops up behind posts sometimes so you can't select anything.
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    Re: Ok, you asked for it... MOUNTED COMBAT!!

    LOL, love your presentation dude.

    Also... /signed, would love to see this...

    So...based on this...Turbine shouldn't put in any new things at all? Come on. Give an idea a chance.. lol
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