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    how will it gather exp?

    i am excited about the new Virtue System.like the layout and the big icons
    the progress bars are in my opinion a much needed feature.

    my question is follows: how will the said virtues gather exp...
  2. Different arenas for different markets

    The 1% elite also Need to be catered for and not forgotten.when quest reward gear is as strong as raid drop gear it removes the incentive in the game to learn your class and the mechanics.

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    what has happened to Mathom gear?

    my Question is...what has made Mathom gear Pretty much useless?

    has it been nerfed into the Ground as an unforeseen sideaffect to the new gear updates, or are they intended now to be used solely...
  4. Thread: Warden

    by Fealegwe

    i have limited experiance in Raids but i find the...

    i have limited experiance in Raids but i find the Warden does better than anything else in Landscape.

    if you rely on self heals to Keep you up, imho, you doing it wrong.those are not the only ways...
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    servers don't matter

    they said it would be a COUPON CODE

    that means you go to the shop and type it into the Coupon redeem bar. only then does it get Bound

    so just getting the Coupon does not autiomatically bind it....
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    make group content warden great again ( if he ever was )

    i have a highest Level warden of lvl75 so here is my 2 Cents worth.

    i have been thinking how a warden can be more relevant to Group Content, because i am happy solo questing but in Groups i get...
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    compensation for Play-time loss

    i don't mind down time that much and am glad to get improvements into the game.at least then i get to see my wife again :-D

    my gripe is that this week we have effectively lost a days worth of...
  8. i like the idea you could call it COURAGE OF...

    i like the idea

    you could call it COURAGE OF THE LAST KING with the description : you channel all your inner reserves and Focus buffs on yourself as you remember Earnur and the Courage to duel the...
  9. floaty nodes and maybe lack of change documentation

    hallo all and thank you SSG for bringing some Quality of life changes into the game.
    when a Person Plays other MMORPG's currently on the market and Comes back to LOTRO one realises that graphic...
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    brainstorming the RANGER characteristics and skills

    i like the idea that it is a hybrid in between class. like melee DD but not so resilliant as a champ. or a CC but not so devastating as a burg. somewhere between Captain, Champ, hunter and burg
  11. i would like a new Hobby. Maybe do a vegetable...

    i would like a new Hobby.

    Maybe do a vegetable growing over time in your housing or kinship garden ( rented for LP or wateva ) where you have to Gather water from a specific spot and dung from a...
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    creative options...just a little brainstorming

    ist difficult finding Areas one can throw Money at without it becoming P2W

    they could go the route of : do the T3 instances to get gear or pay Money if you don't want to do the grind. Kind of a...
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    i like Tyren and Darien for People of Dale are...

    i like Tyren and Darien

    for People of Dale are old English or Celtic names appropriate or for Gondor Nobility are Sindar names appropriate

    here are links i like to use in case you so inclined ...
  14. I have no experiance in LOTRO PvP and i guess ist...

    I have no experiance in LOTRO PvP and i guess ist also a factor of SSG not wanting the game to become openly P2W

    BUUUUT.... i couldn't care less if a Player Boosts his virtues over rank 20 at low...
  15. Thanks for starting this thread…...I was...

    Thanks for starting this thread…...I was wondering the same Thing.

    For the last year i have been playing only Medium armour classes and when i started a Metalsmith char (champ ) 3 weeks ago and...
  16. i don't see how a Player can be OP when the...

    i don't see how a Player can be OP when the Virtues are maxed.considering main stat only brings 2 Points of mastery. has anyone actually done the math and looked at what virtues are available in each...
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    VIP Perk

    what i would dearly like to see is the ability to Transfer char Bound gear to my twinks on same account and same Server by spending 1 Mithril coin.
    SSG can decide what the real cost ist but this...
  18. Gambit trainer

    i found the lotro-wiki site to be useful but moreso http://warden.falkennest.org/#gambitmatrix
    also try the Gambit Trainer on the other tab.

    have fun with your warden. most challenging and best...
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    more well rounded options

    it seems the original idea was to lower the cap so that Chars are sooner capped and have more stats available to fill up on secondary values like Fate or Vital etc.

    not sure if this actually is...
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    it seems the influence of the hidden stats has...

    it seems the influence of the hidden stats has been inflated and the mobs have more chance to block and evaid. something that makes end game more enjoyable but for chars in starting regions without...
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    soooooo. what about chars that don't have access...

    soooooo. what about chars that don't have access to Dunland or Mordor yet? how are we supposed to keep up our same Mastery stats per level without getting Teal gear and jewellery like we used to...
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    an easy solution would be to re-equip your chars...

    an easy solution would be to re-equip your chars with crafted gear and jewellery or stuff from Skirmish camp?
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    i have 8 Mathom crates unopened in my Bank....

    i have 8 Mathom crates unopened in my Bank. should i wait till level 120 before i open them?

    or is the gear with Essences more powerful?
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    ROFL stomping

    My chars are all 50-70 and were hitting roughly 60-80% more for their level when i mouse over the Physical mastery stat. but now they are all over the 200% mark and ROFL stomp through questing. my...
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