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    I completly agree with your statement and I have...

    I completly agree with your statement and I have to admit that I'm baffled that not more wardens are on the barricades right now.
    Tanking is absolutely dull since the changes (mostly because they...
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    Sadly, I'm way beyond the point at which I...

    Sadly, I'm way beyond the point at which I believe that anyone at Turbine cares about this kind of things anymore. Even our dev somehow admitted that the HD warden is in the end a skloppy patchwork...
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    I'm not sure if the ability to hold aggro is...

    I'm not sure if the ability to hold aggro is really the most important point. It's a problem for many wardens out there, me included (the last time I tried it anyway), but there are others who say...
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    Yeah, that's really the gist of the matter: You...

    Yeah, that's really the gist of the matter: You can change the numbers all you want and make it so that we can hold aggro of dozens of mobs easily and survive agains all odds - it won't matter if you...
  5. As I suggested in the thread in the Bullroarer...

    As I suggested in the thread in the Bullroarer sub-forum, one possible solution to this problem could be to make it that the 12 seconds anti-interrupting debuff could apply only if we use Boot,...
  6. This really, really is a big letdown. Using a...

    This really, really is a big letdown. Using a cooldown effect on gambits, like Shield Tactics, is problematic per se, but now having three (3!) gambits that share the same cooldown is just ridiculous...
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    The 6th bag is in the store since the last patch...

    The 6th bag is in the store since the last patch and as far as I have heard it's working as it should, so I think it's fixed.
    I was waiting to buy it when it's on sale - but seeing how they crafty...
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    What I find much more annoying than no free sale...

    What I find much more annoying than no free sale is the fact that storage and inventory bags are on sale but "The 6th Inventory bag is not included in this sale."

    First the 6th bag was minus 50%...
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    Re: Warden changes for update 6.1

    I just logged on Bullroarer and I discovered that there are some pretty nice bug fixes that aren't in the patch notes. I haven't tried out everything yet but here are a few sweets:

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    AW: Way of the Fist

    I have to agree that the fist line unfortunately still is a bit of a mess. Most of the fist traits are much better than before Update 6, so it's clearly an enhancement, but it still isn't coherent...
  11. AW: Re: Can We Please Remove The Gambit Builder Animations From Battle Prep?

    I have to second this. Just straighten out Assailment, restore War Cry (EoB is pretty nice, but it's a bit clunky to react to things quickly because it takes some time to build) and make Aggression...
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    AW: Some things to know about U6

    First, I have to state that overall I'm very pleased with the update. I see that there is a great bit of frustation and anger amongst the warden community right now but i really think that most of...
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    Re: Least Important Rant Ever ...

    Hmm, before RoI we got some big, mighty warden shields at a time when we were big, mighty tanks... now we got those weak, little paper plates.
    Seems like Turbine loves to talk in riddles and...
  14. AW: Bullroarer 6 Warden tier 2 Foundry Challenge

    I am one of the six wardens (Auryna) and first i want thank our group for the funny adventure. Now the motto "Warden is a small fellowship" seems more true than ever - thanks for that Orion.
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    AW: Warden is too complicated

    I think (or rather hope) that much of the confusion it due to bugs. Especially the Assailment stance is a bit of a mess right now (most shield and fist-gambits are melee attacks, many gambits don't...
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    Re: Warden Update (5.1)

    Sorry, posted this in the wrong thread before. This is the one where it belongs:
    Today I did the last quest of the epic story book 5 and saw that you can get a scroll with Beleriand Damage and +...
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    Re: Colbert report , tonight

    According to Wikipedia, Colbert became a fan of 'Lord of the Rings' as a little boy after he lost his father and his two brothers in a plane accident:

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    Re: Warden Combat Problem

    I quit LotRO a few weeks ago, simple as that. I was just tired of how playing the game made me ACTUALLY feel useless.
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    Re: AW: HDRO-geht unter!!!

    Um HdRO mache ich mir weniger Sorgen, um die deutsche Rechtschreibung in Internetforen schon eher.
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    Re: Wardens Anonymous : Meeting Now In Session

    Hello, my name is Auryna and this is the first time I'm attending this meeting, coming freshly from Europe.
    I got addicted to Wardenitis last year as i wandered the first time trough the green...
  21. Re: Question about purchasing a creep class

    What is if you created the creep class while you were VIP and buy it now from the store as Premium. Are the slots locked or removed for this particular creep?
  22. Re: Bin ich bliind, aber wo ist das "Battle-Memory"?

    Der Skill heißt im Deutschen nicht Battle Memory sondern 'Effektivität' und du bekommst ihn erst ab Level 66 beim Ausbildner. Um Effektivität zu erhalten brauchst du dann auch noch die verbesserten...
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